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  1. You can not use your vacation dollars towards any upgrades. This they are very strict with and their is no swindling or bargaining. We had 1500 in resort dollars and i used 300 for trial make up and hair and wedding day hair and make up. Zuegy, i may be spelling it slightly wrong, did my hair and make up and she was phenomenal. She knew what she was doing.
  2. If you book 25 rooms, or 75 room nights, you will get unlimited private functions. This is what I had. I had a free cocktail hour, reception, welcome party, bridal brunch. The free functions include all food and drink, and we did a sit down dinner for our reception; appetizer, salad, dinner, dessert, cake. You can have as many private functions as you like if you book the 25 rooms or 75 nights. Just be sure to book the events in advance, as it is a small resort, and if they are having any other functions the same time as your wedding, you will not have many options on event space.
  3. Hi Ladies, I recently had my wedding at BP January, 15 2012. If you have any questions feel free to ask or email me: kdr7798@gmail.com. I was married rooftop, and had my ceremony in the ballroom. I know how hard it was to find information and pictures on here for BP so any information I can provide you with I will, as far as the resort itself, outside vendors I used and loved, BP vendors I used and hated, etc. I also have tons of pictures but am unsure how to post on here. I will do my best to figure it out. Any questions though, feel free to ask! KELLY
  4. I recently got married at BP Jan. 15, 2012. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me or shoot me an email : kdr7798@gmail.com. I knopw how hard it was to find info and pictures! Kelly
  5. Diamond girl--i was looking at valentin imperial maya? did you do a site visit???? i still have not decided on a resort. still trying to decide between dreams riviera and secrets capri.....and looking at some others too
  6. Hi everyone! I have narrowed my choices to these two, but, I cannot find any info on here for either of these resorts? Has anyone been married here? reviewed it? done a site visit? I am getting married feb. 2012 and want to choose a resort this week....if anyone knows a thread and can direct me there or if someone can pass some info along! thanks!
  7. hi ladies! does anyone have any pictures of the indoor ballroom or indoor private reception areas? I have been rewading through all your wonderful posts for days but cant seem to find any pics of the ballroom if anyone does or know where I can find pics please pass the info my way thanks! kdr7798@gmail.com
  8. Hi! I am referring to the beach palace. I am looking to have my wedding there but want to see pictures of the inside ballroom before I book because I do not want to have my reception outside. If anyone has any pics it would be so helpful! Thanks so much!!! kdr7798@gmail.com
  9. i cant find anything anywhere about private indoor receptions and with the amount of people im having i definitely want a private indoor reception " i will keep looking!
  10. Hi ladies! does anybody know the options for indoor receptions or have pictures. I am having trouble locating this info. and this is my determining factor as to where I book
  11. hi ladies! im a feb 2012 bride-from astoria, queens! not sure where yet, waiting to hear back from a few resorts. Anyone know any good BD photographers in ny??
  12. Hi ladies! I am really considering theb Royal for my wedding Feb. 19, 2012. I am still navgating and learning the forum, but, all your posts are really helping. One question, maybe you all can help. I have not gotten a straight answer on group room rates. Does anyone have an average ballpark figgure on what room rates are during this time for guests? I want to be sure my guests will be able to afford. Thanks so much!
  13. thanks! i am very excited. I m just having trouble finding photos of weddings here. would love to see a real wedding here and what it looked like!!
  14. Ladies-I have just booked my wedding for fb 18, 2012 i am loving this site as I am new finding all this info.
  15. I have just booked my wedding for february 18, 2012...I would love any info. as im new and learning this site
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