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  1. The videographer came with the package and was supposed to be a 30 minute video. The one I received was less than 20 minutes, and the first 5 minutes was a generic scenic view of the hotel, so really only 15 minutes of actual wedding footage. Some of my guests were disappointed because the videographer left before everyone had a chance to say something on video. I only had about 15 couples there, so this shouldn't have been too hard. I wasn't impressed. I'm glad I have the video, but I would not pay extra for this service from them.
  2. Hey I just got on here today and realized that link didn't work. Here is a link to the album I made on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10100217988850562.2511999.17102157&l=5240cc2249&type=1 There aren't many things I would change, I loved the beach for the reception and ceremony. DJ Doremixx made the reception the best I've ever been to. I would definitely recommend, worth every penny. I arrived with my guests, I might have arrived a day earlier to get all the meetings out of the way and to put my OOT bags together. I missed a lot of hanging out with my friends due to these things. I loved del Sol photography, I look at my wedding picks almost every day still haha! I had the ultimate wedding package, and the girl that did my "free" hair and makeup was FABULOUS! I was VERY nervous, but both looked the best they ever have! I added some mascara and eyeliner to my makeup but was VERY happy. My bouquet was the one that came with the package and I paid for the bridesmaids flowers. I didn't do an outside florist and was pretty happy with the results.
  3. Haven't had a chance to write a review on Dreams Tulum yet but here is a link to my photos by del Sol. These aren't all the pictures, but this will give you an idea of the scenery, we had our wedding and reception on the beach. http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=488
  4. Hey Everyone! Got married July 5th at the Dreams in Tulum! It was AMAZING. I will be posting a review tommorrow. I had 32 guests including me and my husband. I used del Sol photography and DJ Doremixx (<--best decision of my entire wedding). I was soOoOoOo stressed out throughout the entire planning process, that is my biggest regret. Everything works out. I know its easier said than done, believe me I am the most high strung person I know. One of the things that stressed me out the most was this website haha, but I did get a lot of great tips, don't know if spending hours on here was worth the worry though. Just relax and get ready for the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm having my wedding July 5th with ceremony and reception on the beach. My heart was really set on having the reception at the seaside grill because my fiance wanted beach and my mom wanted ballroom so I thought it would be a perfect compromise. The only problem is that I only have 30 guests (the minimum to have it there is 40). Aurora shot down my request to have it there even though we were willing to pay the extra fee. Does anyone know if they are more willing to negotiate about this once we get there? Also, will I be able to go over the flowers with the florist once I get there and maybe look at them too? I don't have a lot of time to look through pictures and learn the names of flowers so I was hoping I could look at the flowers they have and just choose what I like. I'm very stressed about all of this, I didn't realize until I started reading these threads that I would need to bring my own decorations and tulle, now I'm feeling like I need to start writing the ceremony too. Please help!
  6. This is a review of:

    Del Sol Photography

    Used them, Love them

    Pros: Very Professional, Organized, Creative and Awesome pictures
    Cons: Cost, but worth it
    I booked del Sol photography for my wedding on July 5th 2011 at the Dreams Tulum.  My wedding was at 5pm.  Photography was the MOST important part of the wedding planning for me.  I looked at thousands of wedding pictures in the planning process because I wanted the best.  I decided on del Sol photography, they are a bit pricey, but definitely worth the outcome.  The pictures are high quality, and nothing like you will find any where else.    I am a fourth year medical student trying to ge
  7. My Dreams Tulum Wedding

    Pros: Beach Front Wedding, Family Friendly, Tulum Ruins
    Cons: An hour from airport, front desk check in unorganized
    I got married at the Dreams Tulum on July 5th, 2011.  We did the Ultimate Wedding Package.  We had 32 guests.  Beach Front ceremony and reception. I'll start from the beginning.  We used a travel agent who went through Apple Vacations to book the wedding.  The transportation from the airport to the resort was through Apple.  They were waiting there with a charter bus to take us to the resort, there were no other passengers other than the ones from the wedding, it was great.  It took about
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