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  1. Hey Ladies quick question... I know that at this resort there is the Tulum Gazebo; but at which side is beach with the wooden structure? I think I recall it being the Akumal side... is that correct? Thanks Cass
  2. Alright ladies.... help a broken bride! Since I was a little girl, I always imagined getting married on the beach - I never considered destination wedding because I just couldn't imagine the cost; I knew people wouldn't be able to afford it, so I cut that thought from my head... Then the FH basically told me why the heck would I let other people determine what I wanted to do for MY wedding. Woke up, decided destination, picked GBP T, told people estimated cost, told them destination, etc. Now that I'm actually trying to confirm up on things with guests, providing people a more concrete cost (estimations from agents), providing hotel name etc, everyone is complaining about the cost. I'm basically being made to feel guilty for wanting to do my wedding this way because they aren't able to come. I'm sorry - but 16 months notice to come up with $1000? I have debt, mortgage, bills, insurance, school costs, etc. I am in the same boat as everyone else - why am I supposed to feel guilty about this!?!?! How did you ladies deal with the pressure? I'm about to throw in the towel and say I give up and put the whole thing on hold for a few years... (again not what I want... but I rather wait than deal with every planning process in tears because of the guilt).... Aren't weddings supposed to be a happy time??
  3. Oh right! Sorry forgot about the different currencies!!! I'm talking CAD $
  4. Hi Ladies! I have decided on this resort for my wedding! I am very excited! Wedding to be July 2012.... For those of you who were married here - can I ask what the avg cost per guest was? Red tag has some offers at 800pp plus taxes, but also says about 1700 pp plus tax!!! My family is by no means well off! and I mean, I much prefer the cost of 800 pp!!! What were you averaging the cost out for people? Would be much appreciated! Thanks <3
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