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  1. I recently returned from my 12-17-11 wedding at the GCR and it was absolutely perfect! Everything from the ceremony, flowers, hair/makeup, centerpieces and DJ was AMAZING! My WC was Flora and I have to say she was great. She made sure everything was where it should be and listened to all my requests. She went out of her way to ensure everything was perfect me and it was! I will post a more detailed review later but if y'all have any questions please PM me and I will answer any questions!
  2. Hey guys!! Quick question! How much $$ should I take to tip and who all do I tip..anyone have a breakdown?
  3. Hey girls! I officially submitted all my paperwork to my WC! I can't believe ho close it is getting! Anywhoo, after much talk, the resort absolutely does not accept any type of shipment....even if it is shipped while you are there! I am still getting my maracas luckily, however, they have to be shipped to a DHL office about 20 minutes from the resort...oh well. Just wanted to kind of give all you ladies a heads up who are in the process of planning. Also, I'm a bit confused, does the Villa Terrace have the green carpet or no? Thanks!!
  4. Hi ladies! Ok, I'm literally two months away from my wedding and I'm getting a little irritated! First, I found out Flora was my onsite coordinator which I was not too happy about. After reading all the negative comments about her on this forum I'm just a little worried... Now, I ordered maracas from Mischka in Puerto Vallarta, she ships to Cancun on a regular basis so I figured no big deal. I just wired the money and I emailed my coordinator asking for the address for shipping and her reply was " we cannot accept any package because we have no where to store it". Really, I am paying thousands of dollars to get married at this resort and they can't hold onto a box for two weeks?! Has anyone shipped anything to the GCR before, I don't know what to do!!
  5. Thanks so much bride2b22! Another question: For Those of you with the luxury wedding package or who decided to add a musician during the ceremony, which did you pick? Also, what songs did they play? Cannon in D/normal wedding music? Did you have any say in the songs they played?
  6. Hi all, For those of you who have already gotten married, did y'all upgrade your room? We are booked at the GCR for a week but want to move to The Royal the day after our wedding. I'm doing the luxury package and it says you get a complimentary upgrade but I'm just wondering if we move to The Royal if that will apply?
  7. GCR past brides, Can anyone give me an idea of how a symbolic/religious ceremony goes? My fiance's brother in law is actually ordained and will be performing the ceremony but were you able to customize your ceremony based on your preferences (readings, vows, etc)? I've been going over what the GCR sent me for the religious ceremony and I definitely would want something a little more personal/ intimate.
  8. Bride2b22- Did any of your guests book directly through the GCR? If so, how much discount did they get when they used the wedding code?
  9. Nadennec- Yes, they are only making me do one night and they aren't charging a vendor fee since I booked before April 2011. When I searched the room charge for one night on December 16 on the GCR website it was $205 which is going to end up saving me about $100...not too much but I'm trying to cut corners where ever I can!
  10. Is anyone thinking of hiring an outside vendor and booking them a room at the GCR to save $ on the vendor fee? If so, here's a heads up: "that is correct our policies changed and now we change for the vendors even if they are staying at the resort however because your wedding were booked before April 2011 if the photographer will be staying at the Gran Caribe it wont be any extra charge for him. *According with the contract: 4. All services required by the couple for the wedding ceremony or reception will be supplied by Real Resorts. Outside Vendors are generally not allowed but we will charge A fee of $ 350 usd for each outside vendor exception. *Now our vendor policy is the following one: The Vendor Fee $350.00 usd. Per service…Any outside vendor is responsible for its own equipment, which must be registered at the security gate before gain access to the wedding events and she/he needs to follow the policies of the Hotel, and must wear the company’s uniform to whom she/he represents. This is in order to protect the security of any of our Guests. Real Resorts is not responsible for Products and/or Services hired to external vendors. This Vendor Fee is not refundable." Hope this helps because I was completely oblivious to this until my WC, Katia informed me!
  11. Carmresu-- I haven't actually decided. I started researching catamaran tours and thought about taking the guest for a sunset cruise, cocktails, hor' doeuvre's. So far, all the tours have been pretty pricey. I also thought about taking the guests to Savios Bistro, it is located in the hotel zone so it would only be a short walk. It seemed really nice and I read great reviews.I just figure that if I'm going to have to pay to eat at the all-inclusive restaurants in the resort then we may as well go elsewhere and enjoy the scenery! I'm definitely open to all suggestions, has anyone gone to a really neat restaurant in Cancun that would be appropriate for a rehearsal dinner?!
  12. Is anyone thinking of doing a sunset dinner cruise in place of the rehearsal dinner? I have been researching various tours in Cancun but I'm not sure if there is one that is better than the other. Has anyone taken a dinner cruise before? How'd it turn out? Any feedback would be great! Thanks
  13. Hey girls, Just wanted to give you guys a heads up, I have my $300 deposit coming up so I decided to log on to the payment center on the GCR website. When I logged in I was surprised to see my total was $6,335. I immediately started calculating and crunching numbers. I'm doing the luxury package which is $3,800, we already requested the DJ which is $850 plus a $400 sunset fee...NO where near $6,000. I emailed my WC, Katia to see what happened and she proceeded to give me a list of things I NEVER ordered. I have yet to submit any of my paperwork so it was impossible. She said I had 3 luxury bouquets, two pedal bags? and two bridal bouquets? All of which I never ordered! She also seemed to think we were doing the classic wedding package? I was super worried my venues were wrong now so I pulled out my contract and it definitely has, Lxury package, Dec 17, 4 PM, GCR Gazebo for ceremony and cocktail and villas terrace for reception. I went ahead and sent her an email back verifying all my information and asking that the other stuff be voided off my package. I understand mix ups happen but this is super frustrating especially being so far away. Has anyone else gone through anything like this?
  14. That would definitely be more reasonable! Then maybe I could enjoy cocktail hour as well!
  15. Bride2be22- Do you know how much per person an extra hour of the cocktail party is?