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  1. Teira- your bags look great! I love the lottery ticket-- what a cute, fun idea to include
  2. I am getting married July 2, 2011 at Cabo Del Sol! So exciting: Working on some diy projects now such as OOT Bags and wedding programs. Other than that, Alec & T booked as photographer, DJ Mijares booked as DJ, and Baja Weddings is our wedding planner. Still need to work on flowers, and ceremony/reception decor! What hotel are your guests/you staying at? Are you staying on for a honeymoon? If so where?
  3. See reply below... I am getting married July 2, 2011. How about yourself?
  4. Thanks for the info! I am actually getting married off-site at Cabo Del Sol but my guests and I are staying at Palmar. I stayed at Villa del Arco on my last visit. It is amazing!!!! Have you been there? Let me know if you need any advice.... I also met with the wedding planner at Arco, and saw a live wedding in progress Donie- thanks for the info on Rancho Pescadero-- I will def check it out!
  5. Any suggestions on what sunset cruise is the nicest and upbeat... looking to do a sunset cruise as part of a "surprise" for our wedding guests. Will have about 50 people with us.
  6. I am getting married in Cabo and the wedding guests are all staying at Villa Del Palmar. My fiance and I would like to escape the day after our wedding and stay at a different hotel for about 3 more nights to extend our "honeymoon". We would like to stay at a hotel that is nicer than Palmar.... a true honeymoon experience. Any suggestions?
  7. Any Cabo Del Sol brides out there? Either past or future? I am getting married at Cabo Del Sol on July 2, 2011. I absolutely fell in love with the place when I went to Cabo to visit. If you got married there--- did you opt for the open bar all night or timed?
  8. Where are the white boxes from ? Did they come pre-filled or did you fill them with the supplies yourself ?
  9. I love your labels for the first aid kit! I am looking to make something similar for my wedding in Cabo on July 2 ,2011.
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