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  1. In total panic mode now. 18 days until I leave and 21 days to the wedding! I should have done more instead of waited for stuff!
  2. NNatalie Ddid you write back and include your original quote? I did hear if you bring all the emails you can make a deal with them when you get there. Please don't panic. Don't let this ruin your wedding and celebration. Everything is so stressful already and now even more so. Hope everything works out for you. write us when you get back or if your WC writes u.
  3. I am getting married at the Elegance on August 2nd. I have 760 quoted too. It does say prices subject to change on the sheet. But the 46 % tax has to be a mistake. Should be 26% tax. They just can't change the tax. Torilynn- We are already booked and there isn't much we can do about it. Don't panic. Lots of other people loved it. The food situation was bad in January but seems to have improved. Get tons of immodium, for yourself dukoral and maybe Hep A shot. ( i did that just in case). I am a trip advisor junkie. I see you on Face book and reviews are good right?
  4. We all make our lists of whats important to us. Private dinner was very important to me and the decorations. I hate the thought of spending my wedding day posing and taking pictures for hours when I want to spend it with my friends and family. I figure everyone in my group has a camera and they can take pictures too. 30 minutes is my max of wanting to take pictures and even then- it will be of the group and a couple of the two of us.
  5. I am using them too. I will tell you how that works out. Went for the cheapest package and thought I would just buy more if I liked any.
  6. Sorry just saw this. Like Torilynn mentioned, it is 500 an hour- same as the Colonial.
  7. JUNE 2011 islandbride8- Majestic Elegance June 29, 2011 JULY 2011 jrod07-Majestic Colonial July 30, 2011 Natalie & Brian- Majestic Elegance July 16, 2011 AUGUST 2011 Line and Andre- Majestic Elegance August 2, 2011 NOVEMBER 2011 Melissa & Bruce ~ Majestic Colonial - November 5, 2011 futuremrsmerz-Majestic Colonial November 26, 2011 DECEMBER 2011 Robyn & Ky - Majestic Colonial December 2, 2011 Michele & Michel- Majestic Colonial December 7, 2011 January 2012 Sarah & Jason- Majestic Colonial Jan. 3rd, 2012 February 2012 Tori & Patrick - Majestic Colonial - February 4th 2012
  8. Hi It really all depends on what you want and what you want to spend. The buffet is almost 70 dollars a person but you have total privacy or you can have it in the steak restaurant or the Sea and See and its pretty private also. I decided on the private dinner at the wet bar. With the group of people coming- I thought they would like it more. I am not doing the open bar. I am just paying for extra bottles of alcohol. We are wine drinkers so I didn't see the point of doing an open bar. You can always have your reception at the parrot bar or wet bar after the dinner. Happy I got the wet bar though- in case it rains the Parrot bar isn't covered. Good luck in planning!
  9. Hey there, I have been lurking too- we hit the 150 mark and stopped writing all of us LOL. Except Islandbride who's wedding is coming up in 3 weeks GULP. I am trying to think of what I put in them- I thought I went nuts and when I saw the finished product I was disappointed with how pathetic it looked LOL. 1- meds- pepto- bandaids- usual stuff- bug spray too since I hear they are bad 2- soaps and know you those puffs for bathing with (forgot their name) since no wash clothes to be found at the Elegance 2- pool tubes for everyone 3- scented candles- luggage tags - crossword puzzles and pads of paper 4- welcome brochure which was a pain - did them myself and did not turn out nice- should have done it through vista LOL. I actually thought I had a bit of talent and failed miserably plus spent hundreds on ink and paper LOL 5- key holders- not waterproof cheaped out 6- mugs hmmmm I think that is it- once I put it in the bag- it looked cheap but I spent a lot. We are up to 20 people- My friend might come- deciding now- so maybe 21. less then two months to go. 2nd dress fitting is this week- alterations are a fortune since I am changing the dress a lot- still on the hunt for a head piece. Have not bought the MOH gift yet. my guy got his suit from Studio suits on Friday and its longer in the front then the back- he doesn't see the big deal but I have to get that fixed. He looks like a Miami vice character in the linen. I guess they all do LOL. I cheaped out again and going the IPOD route. best man is supposed to be working on it but I have a sinking feeling that he isn't. I don't want to bug him since he is being nice by doing it but I don't want to be stuck with no music because he didn't feel like doing it. yeah everything is overwhelming and I am obsessed with reading the reviews on Tripadvisor and panic every time. Good luck with everything. People say its fun to plan- are they crazy????? Trying to enjoy the moment but finding it hard to find pleasure in it
  10. Hey Jamie Just noticed this. There aren't any snacks in the mini bar. How are the plans going? Finally finished my OOT bags and now I don't know what else to do.
  11. Hi It seems about right. I am going during low season and the basic rooms are around 1500 with Air Canada. The Elegance club ca be anywhere for 150 to 300 more. U are going during high season and I know a co worker that went in February this year paid 1950 and half his party didn't get to go because it was sold out. Avoid Sunwing BTW.
  12. I think they are really busy right now so I am not sure the phone will work either. I do think at times there is a language barrier so try to make it as simple as you can. You can PM me if you would like and I can try to help. I have bugged my WC so much I think I have all the answers I need. The price list is really hard to figure out. I am still deciding what I am going to pay for and what I will skip.
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