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  1. Hey there ! We had both the strawberry & the pineapple,and honestly I am not a cake person, but I really liked the pineapple, it was very pretty (both were) and very yummy! Sorry I tried submitting a photo, its telling me theres an error... ?
  2. Yes there is a shopping area at the Barcelo and I've chatted with past brides that picked them up there. Just not sure how many they carry in the store, but I would assume if you went right away and they didnt have enough, I bet they would get more for you. (seems they really want to keep the $ inside the resort) Otherwise... 5th Ave in Playa Del Carmen is 20 minutes away, you could go to market and find some there! Best wishes to you all.
  3. As far as a 'fee' goes for guests not staying in the Palace section of the hotel... your wedding package (depending on which one) will include a certain # of people, and any above that number you need to pay extra for. For instance.. we have the strawberry passion pkg, that only includes 15 people. We have about 45 people including myself and the groom, so we will need to pay $69 / per extra person (over the top of the initial cost of the pkg which i think is approx $3200)..... $69 x 30 ppl =$2070 (this is for the wedding) ceremony set up reception etc. If your vacationing guests want to eat at any of the restaurants at the Palace during their stay they would need to pay for an upgrade the day they are going to do that. Does that make sense?
  4. I know it seems they like to nickel and dime ya, doesn't it? Its gets a little crazy, especially after the amount already spent on the package, hotel etc, much less all the people you bring along. BUT I have to say the resort is beautiful.
  5. Ask if they could string something across (above tables and dance floor area) to attach the lanterns to being the palapa roof is sooo high, depending on how many guests you have will depend upon how large an area you will occupy in this space, its quite large. Best wishes to you.
  6. Hi there. I actually just spoke with my WC; Claudia, about this, she said you must have the Strawberry package or higher...to have your reception on the beach or in one of the pool side Grilles. Otherwise the others are in the banquet rooms or in one of the al a carte restaurants. I even asked about doing the mint and asked what the charge would be if possible to 'upgrade' to a grille or beach, NOT an option, I guess, it has to be Strawberry, and yes any guests over the 15 included in the Strawberry pkg are an extra $60-some per person. I was debating , myself, to try to save some $, its getting so expensive, but If it helps, I have heard all wonderful things and I have been to Barcelo a number of times. It is such a beautiful place, We had our hearts set on the grille (to be outside) so we are sticking with the Strawberry pkg. Sorry I don't have better news for you, but I just spoke with her about this a few days ago actually, so I hope it helps clear up some planning decisions for you. Best wishes & Happy Planning fellow Brides.
  7. 419 soon2bbride.....Oh no,from the info I have read about Adrian, he was a licensed stylist in the states and moved there, hes a professional, I would think he will certainly be able to match your skin tone, its airbrush, MAC makeup, so he will custom match your skin tone. Are you familiar with or heard of MAC makeup? Its great! ALso thats what the trial is for, just to make sure the shade is perfect! That is actually what I use, (MAC) not airbrush formula, but just about everything else. AND yes that cruise is spendy, too much for me too, can't do it either unfortunately. I just thought I'd pass the info along. It would be fun to treat all of our guests to some sort of excursion being they're making the trip for our wedding, but its so expensive! Anyone have any suggestions for gathering your guests together other than the actual wedding day??? Thanks ladies, this site has been so helpful for ideas and advice!!
  8. 419soon2bBride......... I have looked at Del Sol, the work they show online looks nice. I am bringing a friend of mine with us, she is doing our photography. ANd yes, you are going to be in Mexico, the day will be perfect, an all day party why not!! Whats the date? ha ha. As far as your hair style/makeup.. I have spoken with Adrian too. I am a stylist myself and when you haven't seen someone it can be very nerve racking or a disaster if you do not have a consult or trial. I am having him do my base makeup (being its airbrush) and I will do the rest. I have not ever heard of anyone being unsatisfied with him & his team's work. He does offer a practice, day or two before. Heres his contact info... adriang1224@gmail.com An idea for you if you are trying to organize something special for you and your guests, a private catamaran cruise would be fun, if you like to be on the water. I got this info from someone else and he was very nice to deal with. I think it included lobster dinner, open bar and a stop on a reef if you want to snorkel. They leave out of Playa del Carmen, and can also organize your transportation from Barcelo to them and back, very helpful!!!!!!!! Heres his email peter@puertoaventurassailingcharters.com Best wishes!
  9. Hey ladies, you all have been so helpful! Hopefully this link will work, these pictures were so pretty... I am on another blog and a recent bride shared her photos. The restaurants in the photos are the ones I spoke about in previous posts. The individual men/women photos were at the French Restaurant, 'Brassiere', and the group photos on the terrace outdoor balcony looking area was the Caribe Restaurant. I am hoping it works and you can take a peek. http://organicphoto.smugmug.com/Other/Emily/18221010_BKBCJW password is emilyian45 Happy Planning future brides, you will love the Barcelo, the resort and property is absolutely gorgeous, a little slice of heaven actually.
  10. 419soon2bbride... I just saw pictures on another blog and the restaurant some of them were taken at were AWESOME, there was an outdoor balcony area, that was beautiful and looked very modern. I know you wanted something with a great view.. something to consider! I want to say it was the Carribean restaurant.( I am going to double check this for you.) I've been there, but I don't remember for sure, I don't want to direct you in the wrong way. Are you on 'Unofficial Barcelo Maya' as well? This is where I just saw the new pics.. Great site, lots of helpful info there too! As for the Delta deal, wow, I am surprised. Can I ask where you are flying out of? I am in Minnesota and I wasn't aware of this perk, we were originally going to go with Delta because if we had so many bookings through our travel agent with Delta,they were going to refund us some $, but we decided on FUnjet instead because they had better trip insurance. , Honestly I don't remember all the fine details of this,but I know the resort itself offers a complimentary wedding package too, but they limited the times you could have the ceremony to noon or 1 pm, and for me that was toooo early. Is your pkg thru Delta that way? Or can you choose your time frames? Thanks for your reply.
  11. Hey there 419soon2bbride.... I was going to book with Delta, but ended up with FUnjet. I never really heard about the complimentary package through them... What is that about / how does that work? ? I picked the Strawberry pkg through the resort. Did you pick a wedding package? As for your dinner reception, the French Restaurant @ the Palace is beautiful. Best wishes with the rest of the wedding!!!
  12. WOW, what a large group, good for you guys, how exciting!! Just to clarify... are you staying at the Palace hotel, and having the ceremony @ the 'Chapel' ? There is a white gazebo type area @ the palace you can have the ceremony at as well. Just asking because the 'chapel' isn't technically on the palace property... The Chapel Is located twards the middle of the resort, near the shopping area. (opposite side to beach)... If you look at a map of the resort, there is a side walk that runs the entire length of the resort in between the beach and pool areas. That makes getting around much easier. The Palmeras grille is the poolside grille @ the tropical section, which is VERY close to the Palace. It is situated right off the sidewalk and right inbetween the tropical and palace hotel buildings. Super easy if you are all staying at the Palace! As far as the Chapel... I am thinking if your elderly guests are coming to the resort anyway they shouldn't have a problem walking from anywhere, as they will have to walk to get to and from places while they are vacationing... in my opinion its not that far going (walking) directly through the hotels, if they have a hard time getting around, talk to your WC and set up plans to have them brought by golf cart. ( they will do this for you from your room to ceremony site) I am sure they will help you out, but that may be extra $ for extra golf cart transportation. Another thing.. there is a trolley that stops about every 10 min @ each lobby area, they shopping area , pier, etc, so thats another option, to get a little closer to certain things. I originally wanted our reception at the Coral Grille, located at the Palace, its the rounded restaurant looking twards the beach, super beautiful and the windows open so it can be open air or closed, but they told me they only offered it to very large groups because they close it down for reserved parties and I was quoted a large price as well, check on that with your WC, ALSO with all the guests you have, you may have enough 'room nights' for an upgraded ceremony/reception, or even qualify for it free. They changed the minimun numbers on this, so make sure to ask your WC. Sorry I got a little lengthy. Good luck with everything!
  13. I don't agree with a resort telling you, you are able to use outside vendors then after you are booked, deposits made at resort AND outside vendors etc... then to change and not let them ! I can understand things change, but when you give someone information and dont stick by it, can you trust them with anything? I think that a resort choosing to change what they've been doing should still honor their word.
  14. OH WOW, you look so beautiful. What a gorgeous view, looks like you had a perfect day, so happy for you, congratulations!
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