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  1. awesome.Thank you. It just seem so different and like a fun idea, with a lot more choices for food.
  2. I have a few questions: 1. have any of you done the beach bbq 2. have any of you gotten married on the sky terrace. 3. What wedding package to the majority of you choose?
  3. I know. its the only time that works for us though, and I really don't want to have the wedding inside.
  4. I am going to have a July wedding and I am worried about the heat. Has anyone been there in July or already had a July wedding?
  5. I am still choosing in between the barcelo palace and the azul sensatori. Did any of you look into the barcelo palace as well and how did you chose the azul sensatori over it?
  6. Hi Girls, I am trying to decide between barcelo palace and azul sensatori for my wedding. I am wondering if any of you have been to both to compare?
  7. I meant has anyone used Planner 1 not factory 21 I don't know what i was thinking about when I typed that.
  8. one more thing, has anyone used Factory 21 and did you have to pay a vendor fee?
  9. does anyone have a packet with pictures of the options you have for decor? flowers table settings etc?
  10. thank you so much for this! I am trying to pick a resort and I feel like this is the hardest part. There is always such a push and pull when you hear every ones opinions on the resorts. This forum makes the barcelo sound like a great place to get married so when I got a negative remark about it from DW.com I felt like I was back to square one on finding a resort.
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