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    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you! I will definitely try David's Bridal. Wish me luck!
  2. seattlebrew

    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Ladies, I was hoping some of you might be able to help me out. Can anyone suggest a place where I can buy a strapless waist cinching boustier/corset to wear underneath my dress? I am half an hour east of Toronto. I have found a bunch online, but I know that this is something that I have to try on. Thank you for your help! Melissa
  3. seattlebrew

    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    Love that mug!!! I think I might need to get one too!
  4. seattlebrew

    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Amjohnson, Wagjag is such an amazing site! It made me thing that there are so many discount sites, but I think that there are probably a lot more. So far I know about: Wagjag.com Groupon.com Teambuy.ca Dealticker.ca Jaunt.ca Livingsocial.com and the Kijiji Daily Deals Am I missing any? Please let me know! So far, I have purchased my MOH and Bridesmaid presents (Fresh Water Pearls) and our engagement photos, and I also considered buying a shoe deal, but decided that I would rather try them on first.
  5. seattlebrew

    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    Great idea!! Thank you for sharing it!
  6. Sunshine! What a great idea!! Thank you for sharing (and saving us some $$$$)
  7. Hi Ladies, This is the dress that I bought at Bride's Project in Toronto (Second Hand dresses where the proceeds go to a number of non profit Cancer foundations). I was very lucky in that when I got it home, I noticed that it was actually brand new and donated by a wedding boutique as it was last years style. If you get a chance, check out the Brides Project. http://www.thebridesproject.com/
  8. Hi Girls, I'll be at Dreams Palm Beach on April 4, 2012. Can't Wait!!!
  9. seattlebrew

    Movie game

    Adam Sandler - Billy Madison
  10. Great idea! I will bookmark this and come back when I am at 150 posts! LOL
  11. This is such a good idea! I might have to try this as I don't want to leave my bouquets until the last minute and have to risk what the resort has to offer!