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  1. In my opinion, if you have guests that will really enjoy dancing it is definitely worth the money to hire DJ Doremixx (Ivan). He was absolutely perfect, and the light-up dance floor really made the reception. I had 31 guests but most of them love to dance, and boy did they dance during the reception! Seeing everyone having a fabulous time was well worth the cost. If your group isn't really the dancing type then I definitely would go the iPod route
  2. I personally wouldn't pay the extra cost for a cocktail hour unless you have a very small group coming. I had nearly 2 hours in between the ceremony and reception because i wanted to take photos from 6-7 and everyone either ordered drinks from one of the bars and many went back to their rooms to change and/or grab a drink there.
  3. Wow I've been out of the loop for quite a while! Congratulations to all the June and July brides so far! I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing of your experiences and seeing pictures of your gorgeous day! Heidi - I know tomorrow is your big day right? I hope your special day is everything you could want! I leave on Saturday to Playa! Meeting with Zulma, and then meeting with Fernando for a trail makeup before the wedding on Monday. For those who had Fernando do their makeup - did you pay the vendor fee for him? If so and you also had him do a trial, did you have to pay 2 separate fees? For those who booked Marvin and/or Fernando - what was their preferred method of payment...US dollars, Pesos, etc? Have a fantastic day all! ________________________________________ Nikki The Royal at Playa del Carmen - July 25, 2011 31 guests booked + bride and groom
  4. Jozee84- June 15, 2011 JHarris - June 17, 2011 Sweetle- June 24, 2011 JenniferKuhr- July 1, 2011 Prettypigpig- July 4, 2011 nikkiscriv - July 25, 2011 DeniDen - April 20, 2012 queenoftheu- May 19, 2012 Kate112 - June 5, 2012 Jennifer - I would absolutely DIE if one of my bridesmaid's did that. I think I would say "If you really didn't want to be in the wedding, all you had to do was say so". LOL. That's really not cool at all. In regards to the girls questioning about Marvin - if you want my advice, have faith in him. He can take awhile to respond to emails, but when I first started communicating with him back in January/February he was extremely responsive. Since then he has said that he is just absolutely swamped. If he has confirmed your order is submitted, I am sure he will have your flowers for you. If you're really nervous, email him asking for confirmation and that you're concerned and considering looking elsewhere for someone to do your flowers since you're not sure if he is committed to your day. After I did that he wrote back very apologetically, re-sent my quote, and assured me my flowers would be ready and beautiful. Question for you ladies regarding wedding party gifts - what have/are you getting your bridesmaids and especially flower girl/ring bearer if you're having one?
  5. I have heard that the Oceanfront room is the best to get if you're really interested in having a nice oceanview. Apparently there aren't many 'Oceanview' rooms that have a nice view of the ocean. My TA said that it is unlikely to receive an upgrade from an Oceanview to an Oceanfront since there aren't that many of them, so we booked the Oceanfront
  6. Those are all gorgeous! Where did you get the barefoot jewerly?
  7. Thanks so much! I'm getting married at The Royal at Playa del Carmen, and I am using Marvin Ku Kinil for my florist. He is doing my centerpieces, as well as all of my bouquets and boutonniers. I would highly recommend him - let me know if you want his contact information
  8. I was freaking out a few weeks ago too, and my wedding isn't until July. But he finally wrote back apologizing for the delay stating he was extremely busy with weddings but promised everything was confirmed, and he re-sent the contract for assurance. I'm having that he'll pull through based on his reputation
  9. I wouldn't think so! It's your wedding you should be able to listen to whatever you want At least that's how I feel.
  10. I'm going to have "Bittersweet Symphony (instrumental)" for the seating of the guests and as my bridesmaids walk down the aisle. Then "Marry Me" by Train for when I walk down the aisle. And for the recessional I'm going to have "Say Hey (I Love You" by Michael Franti feat. Spearhead. Definitely not traditional, but I love how it's upbeat and sounds tropical. Plus it's all about love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehu3wy4WkHs
  11. I'm pretty sure the fee for the minister, JP, etc. is $400 regardless of the day of your wedding. They will, however charge you an extra $400 just for having a wedding at 4pm on Thurs-Sunday due to the demand. If you you are having a symbolic wedding and have someone coming to your wedding would be willing to "officiate your wedding I would go that route. My brother-in-law will be officating our wedding for free
  12. Absolutely I would be flattered! It took me a long time to find just the right color combinations!
  13. Thanks very much! I've selected all my bouquets now, so I thought I would update: My bouquet: Bridesmaid Bouquets: Centerpieces except with white linens and turquoise table runners Groomsmen Boutenneire: Groom's Boutenneire:
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