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  1. Hi kya101! Proactive is a product that will deliver results but from what my clients tell me, it is a bit drying. If your acne is not too bad try Aveeno products. They are inexpensive and gentle. Keep your hair off your face( wear it in a loose pony tail when you go to bed), wash your face morning and night, lower your intake of starchy foods and drink LOTS of water (it flushes out all those toxins).
  2. I agree, Dior Show is GREAT but if you are on a budget "The Falsies" by Maybelline is fantastic!
  3. I was recently invited to a co-ed shower. The girls were asked to bring an appetizer, the guys were asked to bring the liquor and instead of a gift the couple asked for money. All on Facebook!!! C'mon even an evite would have been better.
  4. LOOOOOOVE Mi Casa! Great ambiance and food.
  5. IMO I would not do ANYTHING new the night before my wedding. Im sure the hotel will do a lovely job but you never know how your skin will react. Try getting a spray tan before so you can familiarize yourself with how much or how little color your skin can take. All the best to you
  6. Hi KDay! I totally agree, the property is beautiful. The customer service their is outstanding and Brenda is great at what she does. They have a very strong team of people working in the wedding department. Happy planning
  7. We offer packages that include hair and make-up for TTD sessions. With our packages you have your own hair and make-up artist on location following your every move, adjusting your look to flow with the photographer's vision. Just because your hair is wet does not mean you cannot be creative. We use all the natural elements of nature, hair pieces and/ or props, depending on how the couple and photographer want to express themselves.
  8. Voting is now closed... You have a very big heart Miss Tammy.
  9. Hi AfterTenYears! In case you didnt...you should also post this in October 2011 Brides thread. Good luck and congratulations
  10. I would start with your hotel. Send an email and ask them to order you a bouquet. Im sure they will be more than willing to help you out. Congratulations
  11. Hi teresa40, Congratulations on renewing your vows! Have you heard?? 50 is the new 30!!! Kim Cattrall is smokin! A tip of advice on your make-up...make sure they have experience with mature skin. If not applied correctly make-up can add years to a women by choosing too dark of colors and not using the appropriate foundation (if you have lines on your face make-up can seep into those darn things and call unwanted attention to them). Cheers to many more years together! Have a great time and congrats again!
  12. Hello KCB2011, GREEN SHOES!! SOOOOO fun I dont know what you are looking for but thought you may want to have a look...www.shoes.com search under "Martinez Valero" there all his shoes will pop up, there are some super cute green ones w/ a flower. Dont know if they are your style, color or height you are looking for but I hope this helps
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