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  1. I'm getting ready for our wedding in Oct . These are the items I have left over right now. I'm sure there will be more tp come in November. I have a total of 23 water bottles 5blue 8 pink 10 green. $2 each plus shipping I have 220 business cards for Och Rios luggage tags. If you are interested in these we can work something out based on quantity. Thanks for looking and congrats to all you future brides~!!!!
  2. If you still have them I would love to take 35 of them? what would you charge me? Thanks
  3. I'm intersested in the larger starfish can you please send me a picture and shipping cost to 60173 autumn60005@yahho.com
  4. I bought this dress from Coral's Bridal it is a replica. The dress is made beautifully but I have fallen in love with a different dress. Hopefully this is the dress for you. It is a size 6 with a lace up back. I paid $467.00 for it but I will take best reasonable offer. If you have any questions please let me know.
  5. Depending on how much they cost, I would consider splitting the order. I would need 20-25 of them. Let me know what youi think!!
  6. Hi, We're getting married 10-20-2011 at the Riu in Ocho Rios!! I can't wait October seems so far away. I've learned so much already from this website, what a life(wedding) saver!!!
  7. I PMed you earlier today. Are these bags still available?
  8. I'll take 30 if they r still avaiable
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