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  1. It's worth calling a store and seeing if they'll accept the return. Most stores sell out of the bags quickly and are willing to take them back.
  2. It actually comes in 6 colors, Light blue, Dark blue, Pink, Dark Pink, Purple and Green. Hope that helps. But they are much smaller then the tan tote bags.
  3. Yeah they're on point, very cute just a bit too small for what I need them to hold. One note it actually comes in 6 colors. Pink, Dark Pink, Purple, Blue, Dark Blue, and Green.
  4. I bought 2 cases but they are much smaller then the canvas tote bags they had ealier
  5. So I just got these in last night. http://www.dollartree.com/arts-crafts/arts-crafts-supplies/Classic-Solid-Colored-Tote-Bags/209c304c304p319506/index.pro?method=search They actually come in 6 different colors not 3 like it states on their website. They come in light pink, dark pink, lime green, purple, light blue, and navy. They are a bit small, about a the size of a lunch tote. I'm going to be returning them because all of my shtuff doesn't fit in them but I do have to say they are super cute for those ladies looking for something small. I'll try to take a picture tonight so you guys can see what they look like in person. Hope this helps
  6. Has anyone used these folks or have gotten a response from them regarding pricing? Thanks!
  7. I bought the smaller ones .... http://www.dollartree.com/arts-crafts/arts-crafts-supplies/Classic-Solid-Colored-Tote-Bags/209c304c304p319506/index.pro?method=search they seemed to have just showed up on the site a bit ago.
  8. Thanks Lisa! I'll definitely check that place out.
  9. Hey Ladies, I'd like to spend a day in NYC doing a little wholesale shopping for the OOT bags. I wanted to start a thread that has all of the wholesalers in NYC in one place. So far I've only seen a cheap place for Pashimas Pioneer Group 24 West 27th Street, New York, NY 10001. Between Broadway and 6th Ave. http://www.pioneergroup27.com/ -$30 for 12 Pashimas Does anyone know of a health and beauty wholesaler where I can purchase travel size suntan lotion, medicine, and other travel size things for the OOT bag? Thanks so much for your help!
  10. Hey Ladies, CVS is having a sale online, Johnson & Johnson First Aid To Go Kit for 74 cents! http://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/catalog/shop_product_detail.jsp?filterBy=&skuId=258972&productId=258972&navAction=jump&navCount=3
  11. Those are super nice! Wish you could choose the items inside the bag. Am I the only one who thinks packing snacks when your staying at an all inclusive is silly?
  12. Just a FYI.. the only thing personalized is tag on the box that it comes in. Everything else is just palm tree themed. Someone needs to start a business of doing these OOT bags
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