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  1. Hey there, Did they email you different choices for decorations for the gazebo?? How do you pick your flowers? Do they send you choices? You must be so excited!!!!!
  2. Hi!! I'm booked for November 18th, 2011. So excited. We will likely stay for anothe week so we`ll be down a the same time...
  3. Where did you get these. I need more than 25..Thanks.
  4. Me too!! There has to be an easier way! I've spent at least 30 hours on this website and that's just this week. lol...
  5. Gorgeous pictures!!!!!! I'm in the final stages of booking my November 2011 wedding at Dreams. Just waiting to confirm the date with Yarai. I've been stalking this site for months now and it's insane!! So much info and I pretty much have my whole wedding planned already. LOL. I want my reception at the Oceana Terrace too. With the packages they have, does this include the open bar till 10:30pm? I know I'll have to pay $70 extra per person over 20 if we decide to go with the Ultimate package but I just wanted to make sure it was including open bar till they kick us out. Some resorts include only 3 hours an then charge you per person for extra hours. The lounge furniture adds so much to the overall picture. Thanks in advance.....
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