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  1. i contacted him with this email and got an instint reply around feb. if you cant get a hold of them tell your resort and they will see if he is available for the date...i did both to be on the safe side. hope this helps. Rick and Suzanne York [rickandsuzanneyork@gmail.com]
  2. Gracie my wedding is on oct 20, 2011!!! I will see you there!! mine is much smaller though only about 20 something, i cant believe you got that many people all of ours invited have already backed out owell their lose. Its up to you where you want to have your ceremony do you want to walk on the beach or not really is what it goes down to....i also would do the whole party for everyone since they did come all that way but thats just my opinion...its your day, did you like the resort? are you happy with your choice? when are you getting down there? im so happy someone else on here is getting married around the time we are yay
  3. this is true, the reception to be private is extra that is what all the packages are for. if you want to have it at the restaurants and not pay for the dinner then you can not have music and it is just dinner with everyone. there should be a packet that they can send you that has all this information on it or maybe there website has it under FAQ. i dont remember where i got all this information. this should be the norm for most resorts even if it is all inclusive, it is always more to have a private party.
  4. jill i am pretty sure that the bill is added on to your stay at the hotel and you will be charged for everything at checkout. I am not 100% positive but i remember reading that somewhere. The only time you pay is if you have outside vendors, the pictures at the hotel may be different to but everything else is after so you are not worrying about it the day of the wedding. hope this helps.
  5. seattlebrew- just so you know you dont pick your location until you get there. they can keep note of where you are thinking but you dont reserve it with your deposit. i dont know why they have this policy i think its stupid because if you book yours in advance you should get first choice but owell.
  6. ashmagoo the package does include your private reception at your choice of three areas poolside, beach, or banquet hall. the dinner is for up to 20 ppl and an additional charge over that. the package does not include anything for dancing, you have to get a dj that is extra and starts at 525 plus tax. you can get just a sound system and play your ipod if you like. hope this helps. i opted to take the free wedding package and add on things i want because it was cheaper that way and there were things in the package i dont want like there photography is only 50 pictures and such. i would recomend looking at the pricing and seeing what is best for you. when you add dinner to your wedding it will be the private reception.
  7. heads up i dont know if you ladies know but melani is no longer the wedding coordinator. she was promoted to groups manager and merci has taken her spot.
  8. i was told dinner on the beach or pool is buffet only? but the silver package would include the silver buffet dinner...im confused now
  9. ok if you buy the silver package it can be the silver buffet and is included. all outside receptions are buffett only! you do not pay fee unless you want to upgrade to a nicer buffett, they have silver which is included and gold is more depending on your package. I hope this helps, also myself and i think a few other brides opted to not pay for the package deals because they included alot of stuff i didnt want or need. we chose an outside photographer so that was the main reason. when i sat down and wrote prices for everything i wanted with as many guests as i have it was much cheaper, you may want to do it that way. you can still purchase the silver or gold dinner which will give you the reception. hope this helps.
  10. i sent her an email last week and have not heard back from her which is very disturbing. Only my photograper emailed me back. This is so annoying and I feel that every bride that has a confirmation so far should have received notice, it is making me doubt my decision not like i could do anything about it now.
  11. if you have already booked your photographer in punta cana they were asked to send a list of who already booked and they were confirmed to be allowed to still use them. but you had to book already any bookings after yesterday do not count.
  12. do you know how many points this is? thanks it sounds so good!
  13. im doing the jillian michaels 30 day shred and she says you should use both upper and lower body so you burn more calories from your workout. if you so squats with weights in your hand and then do presses you are burning more calories. doing just presses you are not working as hard. your whole body will be sore but sore means your working those muscles. i always thought you should alternate but if you want to burn you should do both.
  14. Hi everyone I am getting married at dreams palm beach and was wondering about DJ's in punta cana. I have only seen reviews on dj mannia but have not heard of any others. would people recommend a DJ or just a sound system with our IPOD? I am so conflicting in these two and am trying to see if its worth it. My reception is only three hours what is a good/average price for DJ's. Thanks for your help
  15. Ladies I am debating between a DJ or just the sound system. I have seen some people recommend the DJ but on other forums they say that many do not have DJ's. Has anyone not used a DJ? how did the music go did you have to mess with your ipod the whole time? was there someone for that. Please help. Thanks OH and i just booked my photographer!!! so exciting!
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