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  1. I think either a "girls" day or a piece of jewelry. I just had my wedding in Cabo and our whole theme was "star fish" so i found silver necklaces with a star fish on them. I got one for my mom and myself for a little keepsake to remind us of my wedding. you could do the same thing for your two bridesmaids. I would definetly make it means something or have something inscripted on the jewelry to make it personal!
  2. Here is my wedding review! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/dreams-los-cabos-suites-golf-resort-spa-all-inclusive/reviews/4824
  3. Hi Girls! I need some advice. My wedding is June 11th and I was told by the other bride who is getting married the same day that our resort is booked full for our weekend. I still had some guests who were waiting to book thier trip. So now they have to stay at another Hotel down the road AND pay $95 per person a day to come to Dreams for our rehersal and Wedding. The only way the day pass fee is waived is if they stay at Zoetry which is over $500 a night! I asked if they could waive the day pass fee and they said no, i asked if they could somehow do a price match with Zoetry so they could stay there for the same price as Dreams, they said no, I even said we would give up the extra groom room the night before the wedding if they could have it, they said no. I am just REALLY irritated that no one from Dreams contacted me to tell me the resort was almost booked, including Magda. i dont feel like i am asking too much for them to give our guests a day pass for our wedding! Especially since I am bringing many people to the resort with our wedding party and spending ALOT of money there!!!!! I would just think they could accomodate us better than that. Magda said that she is unable to get any of that. Do you think i should call Dreams directly and ask for management? What are your thoughts!
  4. I have our DJ booked for the ceremony.. but now I have to come up with all of these songs! lol I am trying to get a theme together for the songs.. but i cannot decide on a song to walk down the aisle to! I guess I would prefer it has no words.. but I am worried if I do something like canon in D it will be such a stark contrast to the theme of songs in the prelude, seating of parents, etc!
  5. So how many songs did he play? Like one for the seating of parents, one when you walked down the aisle, one for the unity candle and then one when you leave? Random question.. what song did you have playing when you walked down the aisle? The only thing i have ever heard is an organ playing the typical "here comes the bride." I am not sure how that would sound from a DJ?
  6. I have the middle package? Dreams of love, I think its called? We have a DJ for the reception, so I could have him come for the ceremony and set up to play music as I walk down the aisle? That could work! I will email our DJ and see what he thinks! Thanks girls!
  7. Hey! I hadn't plan on having any sort of music for the ceremony or cocktail hour. Is that normal? I just thought the duo, trio, etc. seemed SO expensive for the amount of time! What are/did you guys doing/do? When I was sent my confirmation information the spots were left open with question marks?? So I guess I dont know if it is weird not to have music? I dont know!!! Help..again!
  8. Hey Ladies! I am supposed to pick out 3 hot appetizers and 3 cold appetizers and I am having a hard time picking! I want to do something fun, that our guests might not have at home! Any suggestions? Here is what I am thinking.. Hot wings (for the picky eaters) Beef Brochette Chicken and cheese turnovers Guacamole and Salsa Tostadas Choux w/chicken salad Anyone had these? Good bad? HELP
  9. OMG.. She is my coordinator too! I have been working with her for a year now! At least you have recieved an email! I havent heard anything!
  10. Hi Girls!!! I am getting married June 11, 2011! I haven't heard from Mariana in like 3 weeks.. even though I have been emailing her! Do you think she left Dreams? We are having about 40-50 guests and I am just starting to finalize plans with her! I love reading all your threads! It is very helpful!
  11. Thanks for the wonderful information! It seems that my wedding will be similar to yours! We must have good taste Question - I am getting an aisle runner and I asked Marianna how long the aisle is, she said 12 feet. To me, this sounds really short! What do you think?
  12. AHHHMAZING Wedding at Dreams

    We had our wedding on June 11, 2011 at Dreams Resort and thought it was AHHMAZING!! It was everything I could have ever asked for!   Accommodations (A) - The resort is beautiful! It is even better in person than in the pictures! The staff is great and always helpful! We made friends with the servers at the pool, at the bars and night club! My guests had a wonderful time and couldn't stop complementing everything at the resort. Location (B) - The actual location of the resort is pret
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