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  1. Has anyone used floral fantasies??? What were the flowers like?
  2. Omg!!! You looked amazing! Very beautiful!! Congrats and thanks for sharing! Your photographer did a great job! Hope u had fun, cause everything looked wonderfully done. That was a moon dance? Very nice!!! Thanks again. What flavor was the Cake? It looked yummy indeed!
  3. thanks LaraJO, as much as moon dance cliffs looks fantastic it is way to expensive!!! as most of my family is coming from Africa and London, its already costing an arm and a leg to get here, i don't want to choose the most expensive place. they do however offer a great package. i am running into a lot of villas that require you stay there? we are going to have kids so we are making a vacation of it,and staying at a resort. so we want to be able to make the best of it. I found Rhodes resort which is 8 miles away from negril. the grounds look great. Marcella said we could party till 5am, for,S1500 , just the price of the venue. i am still seeing how much everything else is going to cost food etc. I have been emailing Dawn from elegant weddings, she said it would cost about 7000,$ when i asked her to break down the cost she said she couldn't, and just told me the cost of the DJ $200 an hour. i sent Jan's and another florist what i want with regards to flowers and still waiting to hear back from them. i emailed Kevan and waiting for a response. As i look at other things the plans change you are right!!! where did you get your cake from? thanks for the info...
  4. @ meitra how was your cake, do you have pics? did you use cherry. do you have an email addy?
  5. Hi All, thanks for all that information, i am getting married in MAY 2012 in Negril, still looking for the perfect location. i do not want to get married in a resort for many reasons. I will be having about 50-60 guest from all over the world.(USA. ENGLAND, AFRICA) I am going to do some research on all your information. For those who got married off the resort, what caterers did you use, how was the food? etc. any information will be so helpful. I am on a budget and would love to have a perfect wedding at a low cost. thanks in advance!!!
  6. Hi All, so we are am planning to get married in Negril, in may 2012. hope its not to early to start planning . I live in Chicago. I have consulted with a bunch of hotels but the price just seem to be getting higher and higher. we are intending on staying at the Riu in Negril, but having a wedding there for about 50-60 is seeming more and more expensive. after getting details the party will have to end at about 10pm and not offer anything other than wine. anyone marry outside a resort?? i would like any information.???? thanks
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