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  1. I did! There was a package for $100 for three services and they let m give one massage to my friend. A lot of my guest used it also. The coffee body scrub and massage was amazing! As good as at any 5 star hotel. I wish I could remeber the guys name to refer you to him .
  2. They wont charge for your uncle. My sister did my photos and they didnt really seem to care.
  3. I have so many pics and i know Im getting a lot of questions . I hardly check this so here is the link again and I write back faster on my blog than on this sight. http://www.maycupchic.com/2012/01/wedding-recap.html
  4. it can take a while. try calling her its better. Sometimes over a week or even two.
  5. Just did a whole blog post on my wedding on 11-11-11! http://maycupchic.blogspot.com/ Post any questions there please. I check it more
  6. Got married there 11-11-11! I have a thousand pics on my FB in case anyone's like me and very OCD! Email me if you have any questions Maygan81@aol.com
  7. Sunset Beach Resort MoBe Jamaica!
  8. yah I know Im dealing with that now. I told everyone if theyre not booked 45 days out when i have to give the deposit thats it. I dont want to pay for people who dont show. I told everyone in January I think thats plenty of time.
  9. Thats my date to. Im getting married in Montego Bay Jamaica at the Sunset Beach resort.
  10. So pretty! Which food option did you guys pick and do you remember the name of the room you guys had the reception in? It looked beautiful! Also any chance you remember what sight you found you chair ties at? I've been looking since I saw your post and can't find a deal that good sorry for all the questions
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