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  1. Thanks so much everyone for your replies! I thoughts you'd like to know that I actually just heard back from Victoria (my WC) too and she confrimed that you do not need to pay for day passes if you pay the $300 fee!! Below was my question and her response. "***Outside Photographer: We booked Claudia Rodriguez for our photographer and videographer and need to confirm that the only fee we need to pay to get them into the resort is $300 to the Barcelos Photography company. **Pls confirm we DO NOT need to purchase day passes for the photographers and videographer in addition to the $300 fee.[Victoria Vazquez] if you pay the fee dont need pay a day passes " HI Jen - I totally agree with you! The $300 bugs me!!... but we're actually having 3 people (2 photogs and 1 videographer) so 3 day passes would have been about the same cost...i just wanted to make sure i didnt have to double that! We actually leave next wednesday! Our wedding is 3/7!! I'll let you know how everything went when i get back!! ~Lindsay
  2. Hi Everyone! We booked Claudia Rodriguez for our photographer and videographer and are trying to figure out what extra fees we will have to pay on top of the actual package. I know you can either book a room for two nights or pay the resort photo company $300. My question is - if you pay the $300, do you ALSO need to buy day passes for all of the photographers and videographers? Any insight would be muchhhh appreciated Thank you! Lindsay
  3. Hi Past and Future Brides! I'm getting married at the Palace on March 7th and really wanted to do a slideshow at our reception... I'm wondering if anyone has ever purchased (or is planning to purchase) the audio visual package for a beach reception. We would like to do slide show, but after reading several reviews it doesnt sound like many people have done this? We definitely want to have our reception on the beach but i wasnt sure if it was even possible to do this on the beach!...im actually not even sure what the audio visual package includes...Projector, screen, speakers?? I would ask my WC, but we leave in two weeks and the chances i will hear back from her in time are slim!! thanks for your help!! Lindsay