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  1. Hi Ladies I hope this help, there was a past bride/groom name,Ceproto,and they got married on 2-5-11 at BTC. They had use beaches photographer name Patrick that was recommended from their TA. There reviews and pictures are on page 34 on this thread. If you click this link or copy and paste, your should be able to see their pictures....... https://picasaweb.google.com/Michael.Cannella/WeddingPhotos?feat=directlink#
  2. Thank you Misti, It really did to help. I love your pictures from TI and I also was going to have Ilena as our photographer but we had to cancel because something came up and could not afford to now I really got some useful tips from everyone here and thank you so mucl to all for everything
  3. Hello Misti can you please tell which location was the gazebo your had the ceremony? Or any of the past brides can answer this question please I'm pretty much not getting info or answer from Monica and when I do she seem to rush me or trying to sale something to me. I told her we sticking with the BB package and any other things we may want, we will decide once we arrive. Lizzdee my wedding is on July 9, 2011 at 4pm. I know how you feel because most of my guests ( including my maid of honor) not going to make it because the resort, affordable rooms, are sold. So there only going to be us, my son, mom, aunt and godmother...done of my fiancee family going to make it too. Its expected when having a destination wedding, I guess.
  4. Which gazebo your got married on? From the look of the pictures, it look nice, cool and shaded
  5. Congratulations and the pictures are very beautiful...I'm so happy we not flying from AA... We taking Continential nonstop flight from NJ to Turks but just in case I'm carry on everything we need for the wedding lol
  6. Hi Iv1044 Can you send me a copy as well please? I have not heard from Monica and the copy I have from August 2010. 7-9-11 Beaches Turks and Caicos BB package (small ceremony) 5 adults booked (including bride and groom) and 1 child (my son)
  7. Hi Krys Can you recommended salon for hair and make up besides sheque and beaches Thank you
  8. thank you....I contact Sheque and she stated for hair and make up it cost $300 and travel fee is $25........beside the one on beaches....can anyone recommend someone else because that is ridiculous price
  9. hello to all Can anyone recommend a hair and makeup stylists and the cost? I am very particular when it comes to my hair and I do not wear makeup but wanted something natural looking for the wedding photos. Also for the BB package includes the chairs or do we have to paid? getting different responses and just want to make sure which is correct Thank you in advance
  10. Thank you that's good to know. I told my TA that we wanted something on the second or third floor and secluded with a balcony, they gave a couple of option but we decide to stick with the honeymoon caicos premium.
  11. We have purchase the honeymoon caicos premium, I thought it was one of the best room categories but after reading some of the room category not too sure anymore but it will have to do for now.
  12. Hi Ceproto Thank you so much the info really helps with our decision making.
  13. Hello Ceproto I love your pictures, it came out beautiful and congratulations. I'm love all the info but. I did not know what BTW means.I want to have prof pictures taking. That would be fairly affordable and I rec'd info from Tropical Imaging about a Beaches Special they have for $1950 for 3 hours. Can you please give details about your photographer. I can't decide if I should go with Beaches photos or Tropical Imaging. Thank You
  14. This review was very helpful, thank you kimberlyG....Your pictures are so beautiful.
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