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    Real flowers vs. Not

    Hi! I actually do silk flower bouquets! Plus i ship! Check out my website at www.knottoworry.ca and my prices are listed on the front page! Would love to help you! Terry Knot to Worry Bouquets
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    Real flowers vs. Not

    I also make silk real touch bouquets! You shouldn't have any worries about them looking fake. I'm sure they will look fantastic. For packing your bouquets - very simple - the bouquets are crushable (or mine are) - you might have to just fluff them up a bit - but over all you will be able to bring back your bouquets. I'm heard stories from brides - that they thought they could bring back their bouquet from a carribean destination wedding - and because the flowers are tropical they have to stay! It can be very upsetting to some people! Just thought i'd throw my 2 cents in! Terry Knot to Worry Bouquetshttp://www.knottoworry.ca
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    Calgary Brides!

    I can't believe the amount of money they charge for hair! How about your flowers? Are they an arm an a leg? Can you take them home with you for a memento? I actually make silk flower bouquets that are basically crushable for your suitcase! Prices are wonderful and you can take your bouquet home. Check out my website at www.knottoworry.ca or my mini album on this website. Best of luck to you! Terry Knottoworry
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    Wedding Bouquets

    All my bouquets are silk! I use only the best replica of a flower.