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  1. Kelly718, Thats good to know. Can I ask what is a sand ceremony?
  2. Billandstina, One more question. I am wondering if you used the secular officiant or a Minister? I saw a charge for a minister but we are getting legally married in Vancouver, therefore I wouldnt need a minister right?!?
  3. Does anyone reccomend anything on the menu?? I am having a hard time since I dont know what it will taste like lol I want one Chicken one Beef. Thanks guys!
  4. Awesome! Yeah I went to old navy for the one dollar flip flop sale so I will give those out
  5. Not confusing at all! Ugh that gives me major relief lol thank u soooo much!
  6. ladies, I am wondering if anyone did a reception on the beach? I keep seeing all of this pictures of past weddings but all in the terrace or indoors. I picked the beach and I am hoping it wasn't the worst idea I have ever had LOL so if anyone did have it please let me know how that went. I am getting married in the gazebo and beach reception in October 2013
  7. Monicamb, you looked stunning! The flowers are super nice and the price is too. Thanks for the info!!
  8. Billandstina, I am so glad they make it like the real thing. I am FREAKING out because I don't know what they say at symbolic weddings. We are getting legally married here in Vancouver but just seemed cheaper and less hassel. Can I ask did you guys have to come up with everything for them to say? Is it just someone from the resort? Do they help you come up with what to say? LOL We are doing our on vows.
  9. I think you have to have a certain amount of posts to view some pictures I can't view them either
  10. Hi all, I wonder if anyone has actually gotten flowers outside the resort and met florist outside or in the lobby? I want to have my own center pieces and want real rose petals I have friends that will set this up. However I am scared I will get charged a vendor fee. I mean if they dont touch them and I bring them in it be a bit silly but they charge for everything it seems. Just wondered if anyone has done this and avoided a vendor fee. Also did anyone just take an ipod for music? My FI doesnt think ita worth getting a DJ for such a short time but I wondered if the sound system they provide is good enough to get the party going or really only loud enough for like dinner music. Any info would be soooo apreciated
  11. Hi mariposa6102, Oh thats been such a pain bc we dont know what the resorts pictures look like. I dont think its amazing pitures from what I read if thats really important then best too look elsewhere LOL. I have emailed a couple and We will compare. Soooo pretty much in the same boat as you are haha. I have contacted the same as you have. Still waitih on some. let me know who you find.
  12. @mariposa6102 ya I am taking all emails just in case bc I am so scared haha. I am getting married October 30th in the beach front Gazebo. Yes, I will for sure pass on any info. What are you doing for flowers? I wanted to go with the resorr but they pricing seem hight to me. I reading on here they dont charge if you meet then at the lobby or outside?
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