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  1. I had Valeria as my coordinator and she's great! You're right the communication can be slow, but I found that if you compile a list and just send it once a week it's better. And yes it usually takes a week for her to respond (usually Monday - Wednesday). But once you get there you will see why they can't reply to your emails everyday. They work very hard and when you have your initial meeting everything will be answered. Just ask the important questions and don't worry about the little details.
  2. I would say that this is something that you shouldn't start to worry about. 1. Its too early and even though folks are telling you that they are coming, by the time it's actually time to book many of those folks will back out. 2. On my website I told my guests that if they planned on staying off the resort that they needed to inform me asap because there is a limit to the amount of day passes that the hotel will give out and anything over that limit they would not be allowed on the resort. So the passes would be based on a first come first serve basis. And even though people say they will pay for it I would not trust them. They don't come on the resort and actually pay the $88, it gets applied to your final bill. So if someone happpens to "forget" to give you the money you're stuck. I had 72 people at my wedding and fortunately we only had 1 guest stay off resort so we only had to pay for them to come to our rehearsal dinner and wedding.
  3. I had my wedding at 3pm on the Tucan beach and my cockatil and reception immediately follwed on the Tucan terrace. I will say at 3pm it was HOT! We had fans for our guests so that helped a little. I wanted my guests to be comfortable as well but I knew I wanted to be married on the beach. But by the time the reception started it really starts to cool down. The evenings are lovely on the resort and your guests should be comfortable. My only wish was that I would've changed my ceremony time to 4pm but that time was already booked.
  4. Hi ladies, I also had some serious fears about my hair and make-up. With me being an African American bride I was really concerned because not everyone knows how to work with our hair and skin. But based on the recommendation of Terpgurl I went with Doris and she did a WONDERFUL JOB. I would totally recommend her to any of the brides out there.
  5. Hi Ladies, For all of the brides that received a refund for your complimentary nights did they deduct taxes, fees and transfers? I know that they deduct the $10 per day/person for the resort fee but I wasn't aware of any other fee's or taxes that they were going to subtract. I booked through a TA and I'm thinking that they got our rooms for a cheaper rate then what they charged us therefore MP sent them the refund based on their agreed rate. For ex. we paid around $2,100 for our stay but was only refunded back $1,650. If they subtracted the $140 for the surcharges is the difference all fees? I'm totally confused!
  6. I rented my DJ equipment from JSAV. We had a welcome/rehearsal dinner the Thursday night and we used the ipod set-up, but for the wedding we went with the DJ equipment with mixers, turntables, etc. The total cost for sound ran us around $1,600 w/taxes and fees. If you tell the sound people what equipment your DJ prefers they will send you quotes. I had quotes out to PSAV and JSAV and i went with the best cost. They are both associated with the hotel so there is no additional outside fee with this.
  7. Hi Amara! Welcome back. I'm so sorry that I missed you! I got married on the 22nd but there were so many weddings going on it was impossible to know who you were! Everytime I would see a bride I wanted to say are you Amara from BDW??............but that would have been so random. I'm going to try and work on my review as well. All in all I had a great experience and I had a great time.
  8. Ok, that would explain why I haven't heard from her. My wedding is next week but i'm not even worried about it. From what all of the other brides have said everything usually turns out ok.
  9. I received an email from Lupita yesterday telling me it was $399. I thought it was $295?? I'm going to email her about this because when I signed my contract it was $295 for the service. She gave me a list of the things that are included but it still has me confused? Does this mean only 50 people can view the live stream? See the email below: 1 hour $399.00 USD w/ 50 Viewing hours Included: + Personalized Wedding Webpage (Semi private w/ your personal pasword and link) + Viewing hours Included (50, 100, 150 or 200) + 30 day wedding Archive ( could you see many times your video wedding in your personalized wedding webpage) + DVD Copy of the Raw Wedding (footage) + Email invitations (w/ link of your personalized wedding webpage) + Facebook Guest chat And in this case we can send you a link or if you prefer you can to provide us your 50 e-mail´s guest and we can send the link for all them. Please let me know if you have any question or doubts, will be a pleasure assist you. Moon Complementaria.pdf
  10. I just created a document that includes just about everything that our guests can use for with the resort credits. I can't attach anything so let me know if you'll like to see it. No sense it recreating something when I already have something somewhat put together.
  11. Stacey1979, just double check what you are actually getting with the diamond package. I originally had the diamond package but changed it to the complimentary package when 1.) I knew I wasn't going to use the hotel's photographer and 2.) The decorations and set up that I saw in the pictures was not really what I was going to get. What's in the brochure is not exactly what you will be getting for that diamond package price. I would double check with your coordinator and ask them to send you a picture of your beach and reception set up and see if it matches what you think you are going to get.
  12. Has anyone used the live streaming video service offered by the MP? I am interested in using it but I'm wondering if the stream was any good or did the people watching it experience a lot of freezing of the video. Thanks
  13. It was $750 but by time you add in the tax and set-up fee it comes up to $950. This is the best quote that I received and this was from JSAV. What kind of quote did you get? PSAV was quoting me $1,120 w/taxes and fees.
  14. Right now I have quotes from PSAV and JSAV. I am actually bringing my DJ and I just wanted to rent their equipment. So far JSAV is giving me better prices (not by much) but I guess the quotes will differ since I'm not getting a tech with my package. I also got quotes from DJ Mannia, but like you said with the $250 extra fee, you might as well stick with JSAV or PSAV.
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