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  1. I've never heard of having to pay for your bridal party to travel. I don't think you need to pay for anyone's travel.
  2. No Google wedding community forum though. How are we supposed to dish?
  3. Did you want her to be part of the ceremony? I agree with Mrs. Williams, just invite her to every single bridesmaids event and make her feel like part of the wedding party. One the day of the wedding, you don't need to include her.
  4. Definitely invite them to the bridal shower. That's the whole point because they can't go to your wedding.
  5. What a complete jerk! I hope you told him "this is the reason why I divorced you!" If not a watch, then how about a nice wallet or money clip? You can get a nice silver money clip with his name emgraved on it.
  6. You are not alone. This is the curse of the destination wedding. Even if you offer to pay for everything, other people may not be able to go. It seems that the only people who can go are friends who are out of school and out of work, really old retired relatives or your parents. I think you're actually lucky to get your brother to go with you. Just understand, these people really do want to come and wish you well and they aren't trying to jerk you around. But they need to concentrate on their lives too. No matter what happens, you and FI will be husband and wife and that's all that matters.
  7. Oh my, that's soo creative. I love your phrase "Final Fline Before The Ring". How much time did you spend on the whole thing?
  8. Those dresses are soo pretty. Where did you order them? Did you order them online or through a store?
  9. You should really buy them as early as possible. Our wedding is not for another year but we bought ours from http://www.larsonjewelers.com/ already. We expected the rings to arrive in 2 days but since we wanted engraving, it added an additional 2 days so if we were having the wedding in 2 days, it would not have made it. A friend of mine completely forgot and they needed their rings sent to their hotel in Vega the day before their wedding.
  10. I ran into this article today and I thought I should share it with you http://www.projectwedding.com/wedding-ideas/peeing-while-wearing-the-dress I never gave much though about it. What stuck out to me is the image of the bride walking up facing the toilet. I guess that's why we have MOHs to hold the dress up while we pee.
  11. And what did you do with the one stain on the front, bottom of the dress? Did you get it out or did you decide to live with it? Please post pics.
  12. That looks so neat. I really like those Mexico stamps in there too. That's what I really love about this forum, you can see what everyone else is doing and get great ideas for yourself.
  13. I set aside some time with each girl involved and asked them to run a wedding errand with me. While we were shopping, I would ask them personally. I really wanted to be in a comfortable spot with each of them.
  14. I know this will already be in your invites, but maybe another map of the wedding location and the ceremony. Also, write a special note to your guests and include them into the bag to really personalize them. A list of suggestions of what your guests should do while they are in Vegas would be nice too.
  15. It really depends on where you are buying your ring from. We got out wedding bands from http://www.larsonjewelers.com/ and it added an extra 2 days for them to engrave them both. We really like Larson Jewelers because they had a neat little tool where when you buy your rings, you can add engraving to it and see what you are about to get engraved before it goes on the ring. They had traditional and laser engraving too.
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