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  1. oh our TA gave me Group room rates already she just said to let her know once we are ready to do the room block. Do you not have room ratess yet?
  2. I think your right a new website would be better. thanx!. anyway we are sending out STDs this week for sure. And going to hopefully set a room block as well.
  3. OMG i have been sitting around doing nothing for the past few weeks now i log on and u guys are all busy bees so jealous idk what to do.This might be a dumb question but Am i suppose to have a contract with my TA all she said was let me know when your ready for a room block. We havent done a room block because we have not even sent out our STD we are having a hard time figuring out who we really want to invite lol, plus we ordered some spanish STDs for some family members in mexico, Does anybody think we need another website set up in spanish or should we just translate everything on the same website? im confused . Is everyone contacting there WC though email i emailed mine about 3 weeks ago and have heard nothing grrrr
  4. Totally off topic but was wondering if anyone else has tried signing up for the starfish passing thread i think it would be neat to use a starfish that has been passed down by other brides as the something borrowed anyway they have some drama going on on that thread so i got no response lol anyway so wanted to see if anybody else tried and actually got a response.
  5. lilstar714

    2012 Bride

    HI everyone i just found this thread im a 2012 bride too Our date is May 19th 2012 congrats and happy planning everyone.
  6. I feel the same way having a panic moment thinking no one will go we have had our STDs for about 2 months now and im scared to send them out because i dont think im ready to hear peoples negative comments:( my bridesmaid have been great tho one even said she will get a part time job just to save money for the trip but as for my aunts and everyone else they are so negative most of the time about everything im scared to even tell then about it. My mom isnt beeing very supportive either she hasnt even botherd asking me how my wedding plans are going o well i guess i just gotta a pair and send them out.
  7. Im not sure if this depends on your TA but this is what is required trough my TA "Your guests would be required to guarantee their room reservations with a one night deposit at time of booking, there would be a second deposit due date set by the hotel (usually about 120 days prior to arrival date) to complete 50% of total room charges and final payment would be due 45 days prior to arrival date. Each guest would receive a confirmation invoice from us upon booking detailing the deposit/payment deadlines. Guests usually welcome the payment plan rather than having to pay in full if booking online and they can also make installment payments in between as long as each deposit is completed on the due dates". Quote: Originally Posted by beatyea Hey girls- Ok I read somewhere that when our guests book they only have to pay for the first night then can pay the rest when they arrive. Is this true?
  8. mine hasnt changed you probably clicked on something. I hate when that happens
  9. Happy planing JL. i dont think your behind with the help of this website you will soon be on top of everything! plus if you have any question im sure we can all help it feels like we all have tons of info already and they do take a while to reply.
  10. Yeah i had my TA add it to our contract she daid the resort agreed. You should try and negotiate im sure they will do it. k well let us know how that goes.
  11. Thanx for sharing! im still so excited about your date lol! it looks like some of mine are a bit lower just a few dollars but hey sometimes every Dollar counts here are mine and your aware of the $1500 resort credits right? and the comp stuff based on the room nights in your group those im sure are the same no matter who you book though. Deluxe Resort View: $179.00 per person based on double $322.00 per night single $172.00 per person triple $160.00 per person quad Superior Deluxe Garden View: $198.00 per person based on double $360.00 per night single $191.00 per night triple $178.00 per person quad Superior Deluxe Ocean View: $210.00 per person based on double $384.00 per night single $202.00 per night triple $190.00 per person quad Superior Deluxe Ocean Front: $216.00 per person based on double $396.00 per night single (maximum occupancy 2 Adults) Concierge Level: $232.00 per person based on double $427.00 per night single (maximum occupancy 2 Adults) Children 4-17 years pay $52.00 per night. Child rate applies only when child shares room with 2 or more adults
  12. i just watched it! only 3 mns of it and wasnt too interested in the rest lol dj is a good choice to spend that money on instead
  13. Beatyea im so excited for you wedding date! mine is May 19th 2012 We can totally try and keep up with each other that would be so helpful! although i was just gonna try and keep up with the other girls they are so awesome and on top of there ish! anyway are you going through a TA or straight through the resort? Do you mind sharing your group rates with me? maybe we can compare since i got mine though my TA
  14. CONGRATS! and im so excited about your wedding date mine is May 19th 2012 . we can totally help each other and try to keep up with each other lol although all the other girls here are soo great and i was just planning to try and keep up with them they are sooo on top of there ish. Anyway are you going trough a TA? or just the resort? if so do you mind sharing your group rates with me maybe we can compare since i got mine already too though my TA.
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