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  1. FH wanted an extra wide black tungsten ring. Got him this Thorsten Tungsten Ring that 12 mm wide.
  2. Is the company located here? I would say just dispute the charge. Credit card companies are surprisingly on the cardholder's side when it comes to disputes.
  3. I like #2 because the beads look kind of like they are forming a heart symbol.
  4. I think a prenup is fine as long as it is fair. I know it can be unromantic, but more than half of all marriages do fail, so in case it happens wouldn't it be better to know before ahnd how things will be split, rather than fight it out in court and make an unpleasant experience last longer than it needs to last.
  5. You could compromise and of course if the restaurant is ok with it, you could do a few drink tickets so those who drink a lot can pay after their tickets run out. Or do like the first 15 min, 30 min etc.. drinks on you and after that people buy their own.
  6. You should have them at least a month before your wedding date to prevent any undue stress. But, you should start looking and doing your research about 3-4 months before your wedding date. You probably don't need 3-4 months to figure out what you want, but usually, if you know what you want, you can wait until there is a holiday and occasion for jewelry stores to hae a sale. then you can save some money and buy them during the sale so you save some money. I guess the saying "The early bird, gets the worm" applies here.
  7. Wow, I thought 4 years was long even though that is about the same amount of time my other friends usually got engaged in. I guess I am quite normal.
  8. I would go with the tanning beds. My experience with spray tans has been weird streaks, rubbing off on clothes and that weird carrot orange color. I am sure there are really awesome spray tans that look just like real tans, but they probably cost too much for normal people to get. I know there is skin damage or cancer risks, but there is a price to pay for all beauty. Just do it for your wedding and never tan again to make up for it.
  9. I think in this economy people understand about saving some money. A friday night reception is better than a Sunday one. Snacks or small bites is fine as long as people aren't starving and there shold be a good variety and alcohol. I actually enjoy weddings like that more since you get to socialize more. At the formal dinner people are forced to sit next people they sometimes don't know so they focus on the dinner instead. If people are having a great time I think how much food they ate will not be something they think about.
  10. I have some friends that did destination weddings and I think the reason they did it was because they really didn't want anyone to be there since they knew people would be too busy to travel or can't afford it. Then after they came back they just had a wedding reception or party so everyone here could celebrate, but since it was more causal, they didn't have too much of a financial burden. Plus they used the party to show the the wedding/honeymoon so everyone pictures so people in a way their friends shared in their wedding day without having to be there. Most people's feeling won't be hurt I'm sure.
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