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  1. Yes, liked it and going to get it. We knew we didn't want to do American style and wanted to do something that incorporated local flavors and cuisine, but wasn't too far out there for those with pickier palettes. I think it is a great choice.
  2. Sorry I haven't put any information up yet; all of the photos are on my fiance's phone and just haven't gotten them on my computer yet. We did a tasting of the Yucatan menu.
  3. We are also having a large wedding, looking like it will be around 100. I think I am going to go barefoot for the ceremony and then put on some heels for the reception since we will be on the deck where it is flat.
  4. We decided to do it on the beach there as well. Although I would have preferred a more private beach, it was going to add 1,000 to 1,500 for the cite and transportation. I'm hoping in November (it is low season) it won't be quite so crowded. I don't mind people watching really, just hoping people have courtesy not to stop in front during ceremony.
  5. Who is your planner? We had the tasting with our planner, Maria Tripaldi, and she mentioned she was sending photos to another couple who were planning on having their wedding there. The food was great, I'm waiting on uploading the photos to post the full review, but will post the link here once I get it up!
  6. The designer is Marchesa and I believe it is from their 2010 collection. Thanks!
  7. Hey ladies! Just got back in and am going to post a review of the places we checked out in the general Maya Riviera forum sometime this week. It was amazing and cannot wait until the wedding!
  8. Yeah- as much as it sounds scary, I think I prefer male photographers for things like this. They tend to bring out more of the sexy side. With a close friend and a glass of wine, you will feel great! And your FH will love it!
  9. Just bought one; thanks so much for posting ! I only get the DC Living Social info (this one was NOVA) so I wouldn't have seen it. I had been considering doing a BD shoot, but our photographer is a long time friend of my fiance and I was a bit concerned about doing one with him. Although he has seen some photos of me like this (I cheer for a pro team and have to do bikini calendar shoots), I think that this one being for him personally will really make it special. Thanks again for the heads up!
  10. My save the dates are going to go out next week (although most people already know the information and I have been passing around our website) and I will probably send out the invites in July.
  11. Thanks! Sometimes I feel bad "stealing" ideas, but some things are just too lovely and perfect for our visions to pass up! I am thinking about doing the robes too! I already bought them all a little necklace when I asked them to be BMs, so I thought robes would be a nice touch for the gifts there. Where did you get yours?
  12. Kristi and Jen- Thanks! I also tried on a trumpet style that I loved. It was lace and looked very Spanish/Mexican. My mom gave it a veto, so it made the decision easier Right now we are planning on getting married in the sand. There is a chance we may switch and do it on the deck of the beach club, but I am 90% sure it will be on the actual beach. I am going to check the location out this weekend to finalize that...
  13. Thanks Deanna! I was kind of shocked with my choice; I originally said I wanted something with sleeves and NO BLING... but I guess sometimes the dress picks you
  14. Thanks, Tris. I knew I wanted them to be able to pick their own dresses out and was thinking to just do it with different shades of the same color-- that might work with just two people. Have one wear a more mutes shade of the same color than the other.
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