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  1. We had a ton of crazy I have to admit, but I can without question that they have two options they gave me, the vendor price which is a HUGE sum, and the day pass price. For our Mayan ceremony there were so many people, I had the vendor price, with the photographers there were only two so I had the day pass price, day pass for the hair and makeup but there were so many days it would almost have been better to go with the vendor price. If you have a confirmation in an email it constitutes as a contractual obligation on their part, if it is a real problem let me know I will get you the information for the head of customer service, given our situation I have him on speed dial at this point!
  2. You are going to love everyone from Del Sol, they make magic with a camera!
  3. we used statues we purchased in playa so that we had something to take home and glass flowers and battery operated candles on our tables, thanks to Del Sol for the photos
  4. you can use your credit towards packages not individual extras, we used ours to get a package and used only the carriage and flowers
  5. up and down all along 5th ave the maracas average between 1 and 2 USD
  6. All in all it seems to me that the people who had their weddings prior to the decision to sell off these properties had a much better experience than the people trying to do this now. Perhaps when all is said and done it will get better but the people caught in the transition are going to feel some of the growing pains
  7. We were charged 300 for the setup, and at that point there was no turning back, even if I had had one of my guests do the work it would have been insane, there are so many people walking around and doing things plus the weather issues, it was the best we could do we made it work for our budget
  8. I am so sorry you are having these issues, I can only say that this change over that they are saying is happening in November was affecting us in February as well, from everything I have heard you will be much happier at the moon palace as things are more settled now. Good luck and chin up, even with all the things that went wrong for us, the wedding itself was right and no matter what the best advice I received was I can stress over every little detail but at the end of the day as long as you, the groom and someone able to legally marry you are there, then you have your dream come true.
  9. Our wedding was Feb 1, 2012 at Aventura Cove Palace. Every moment of our day was captured perfectly, honestly the best investment I could have made was having Del Sol photograph my wedding. The pictures are amazing, and the ttd was a bucket list moment, all of the arrangements are handled, everything runs smoothly and they managed to cope with our "weird" brand of humour and sense of adventure The photographs for the wedding were shot by Juan and Deborah from Del sol. The details he captured were amazing, each little moment perfectly saved, the actual gallery is hundreds of photos, but Del Sol has posted their favourites to their blog http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=642 These are the trash the dress photos, Amazing shots from Sol and Deb with Del Sol, again a ton of photos were delivered but the favorites are on the blog. http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=643
  10. We were Married Feb 1, 2012, Honestly I had the same experience you had. That said Planning the big day can be done onsite fairly smoothly, its the little extras that will be difficult, I tried to pay our bills in advance and in the end we paid it the night before the wedding as it was not organized prior to that. The tours are fairly simple to book, if you are using your resort credits, if you are planning off site adventures it is very easy to book them through other operators. I booked my xcaret/xplor/xel-ha through the booking online with xcaret, it gives you a discount and is the same product you can purchase at the resort. Duende Tours handled all of our adventure bookings and did an incredible job, Sky dive playa you can book without the resort and I was incredibly pleased. As for the wedding planning, honestly the resort is in chaos, the wedding coordinators really do the best they can, but when you are dealing with chaos it can breed chaos, I know a ton of people on here have said that their experiences were great, mine was not as perfect, but I can say if you are really really worried, the best thing i did for my wedding was prearrange the planning with Yamine De Lamora she is a wedding planner that I found on here, and the resort will charge you a fee to bring her in, but she will go way above and beyond to make your day perfect. The decor I handled through the company the resort suggests Ysenia, again she did a wonderful job. I wanted something very different, Petals in the shape of the sun and a palm frond walkway. The petals were not possible on our big day as the weather was not cooperative, and I made some incredible beaded chair decor that she painstakingly put on in the rain. So there are ways to make your day incredible. The things that went wrong were the things that Aventura had control over but you can make sure they don't happen. Get everything doubled checked and on paper in your meeting prior to the wedding, that means its on a calendar and I highly so very highly recommend La Hacienda for your dinner the service and meals were incredible. When your day comes, the good the bad and the ugly won't matter. You will have the people you love with you in paradise, and you will be celebrating your love, no matter what happens it will be amazing!
  11. just updating my earlier post, incredible shots from Del Sol favourites are posted to the blog http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=642 http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=643
  12. I did a lot of shopping around and found Yazmine to have lower prices than just about anyone, the only issue you may find is if your resort will allow a third party supplier on their venue, ours did for a cost, it was an additional 381 USD to have Yazmine and her group, but I can't stress enough how worth it I found it. I genuinely believe that she was the only thing that saved my sanity that day!
  13. My review was not to deter you, there were many many good points in that review, the biggest issue, make sure your room isn't going to leak, double check the restaurant that you choose and when you have your sit down with the wedding planner get her to write out the time line, and what she will do with you. Flip through some trip advisor reviews most of the people on their are discussing the same issues right now. The ability to handle large groups and the transition are the largest determining factors. I do hope that you have an amazing wedding and take the precautions I did not. The reality is my wedding was amazing, even with the issues because I had already stepped in with an number of precautions, I had private hair and makeup artists come in, this was advice found on here, I had a wedding planner do the Mayan ceremony, so this ran smooth as silk and I had Del Sol do the photographs so of course the photographs are incredible. Just make sure you are careful to dot all your i's at this point
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