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  1. I brought down all of the vases, etc.... everything you see on the table picture (minus the linens). I packed it in a blue tupperware tote, and checked it as baggage. I still have everything if you are interested in buying them from me. My colors were fushia and orange. PM me if you have any other questions!
  2. Hello! I know there are a ton of other great reviews on this place, so I will keep mine short and to the point. AWESOME!!! I debated on many many resorts, but I am glad we went with this one. For the value and what you get, it really is a great choice. It's nice and modern, everything updated, and the staff is so freaking nice! Ana, the wedding coordinator was great once I got there. She made sure all of the items I brought, which were 3 suitcases full, were used correctly. I printed pictures of how I wanted the tables to look like, and a picture for the paper lanterns as well. She took notes and paid close attention. I was a little worried before I got there because she was slow in responding to my emails. But I was in her office and looked at her email in box, and it is to maximum capacity! They are so busy there with wedding after wedding! With that in consideration once I got there, she was all about me and my wedding. I would recommend having a meeting with the DJ. I didn't and apparently he never got my list of must play songs. If you don't have time to have a meeting, just email Ana you song list and she will give it to him. Ana emailed him the list of first dance songs, etc... but the list of 'what to play and not play' never got to him. Nonetheless the reception was awesome. We got married on the beach by the Mix Bar (Blue beach bar). That's the best beach spot because the other one was right in front of the adults infinity pool and bar. Which means you will have a lot of drunk, loud people watching your wedding. Our cocktail hour was at the Mix Bar. Which was great. I brought my IPOD and they played our play list. The appetizers were nice, and the bartenders are great! The reception was in the bamboo room. We had 22 people, and it was a perfect size. We all sat at one long table, and there was plenty of room for dancing and the DJ. The bamboo room has 2 walls of glass, but they have sheer curtains they pull down for privacy, that is really nice. The food was great! And the waiters you get really are on the ball. We kept asking for shots, so they made one big pitcher of shots and constantly refilled them! They even entertained us with balancing trays of drinks on their heads! lol Angel did my hair and makeup. And I literally cannot say enough about how awesome he was! I took a picture of what I wanted, and he made it happen! I had several test runs in the US with the same picture, and no one could get it right. But Angel got it right on the first try. I highly recommend him! Tip him please! He also did my makeup (which is what he went to school for). Considering the morning of the wedding I woke up with a severely peeling forehead, he worked a miracle! He blended everything together. I brought a bunch of Sephora water proof makeup, etc... for the wedding, and i didn't use any of it! He used him stuff and it stayed on through sweat, tears, humidity and cake smashing! Lets see.... they pressed my dress nice, my flowers were perfect... Overall it was a relaxing, fun day! It was more than we ever expected, we feel truly blessed. All I did was get dressed and show up and everything else was done for me!! Please PM me if you have any questions, I would love to help! Or message me on FB. Christie Geitgey! -Happy wedding planning!!!! I have more pictures in the NOW Jade review section!
  3. I will be there july 31st for our Aug 5th wedding!!! What are your details on your wedding??
  4. How did everyone get their wedding decor to Mexico??? I was thinking about packing it in one big box, checking it as luggage, and hoping nothing breaks! Did anyone have trouble with customs?
  5. What time would you ladies I make my hair appointment for? There ceremony is at 6pm. I don't want to cut it too close, or too early......
  6. I need some advice!!!!! Can someone please give me a timeline on how their day went?? I am getting married at 6pm on the beach. I was thinking 6-630 ceremony, 630-730 cocktail, 730-11 reception. What do you think about that?? Also a timeline of the reception.... when the first dance, speech, and dinner is?? Thanks a bunch ladies!
  7. Where did you get your maracas?? So cute!! Your wedding was awesome! congrats
  8. Everything is so cute!! Where are you getting your maracas from?? And you paper lanterns? Thanks!!!
  9. What quotes did you get for the TTD?? I am going to get a 100.00 dress. DHGate.com has a lot of cheap ones! I got a quote for around 1000.00 for a TTD
  10. oops, I leave July 21st, wedding Aug 5th, return Aug10th!
  11. How do I get on the passing list for the regular crystal starfish?
  12. I had the same problem! Future MIL and FIL threw a fit, and said they wern't going. But we stood our ground, and they are now going, and are excited about it. What all you ladies have been saying about it is right, the crime is on the border towns, there have been issues with MX since forever! and don't go off the beaten path, that's the same advice you would get in freaking Italy! There is crime everywhere, but the MX govt does a lot of hard work to make sure their tourism isn't affected by negative press. So we shall see what the future holds..........
  13. What time is you ceremony and cocktail hour? Did you get to pick the times? She just gave me a timeline, unless I get to choose!!
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