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  1. All brides planning your wedding. I just got back from our wedding a few days ago. Everything was amazing!! We had 45 guests that attended and everyone LOVED the resort and had such a great time. Nayeli was great!!! You have NOTHING to worry about!!! Let me know if you have any questions!!!!
  2. HI, thanks so much for your feeback! So much appreciated! We are getting married there in less than 2 weeks!!! So getting very excited, but of course a little anxious So its a relief to hear everything went so well. How was Nayeli to work with? We are gettign married on Friday and plan on having the reception at the lobster house too We have 45 people coming with us. Can I ask what you did for music during the ceremony? Did you have the cocktail hour at the lobser house too? Also what time was the ceremony? and was it too hot on the beach?! also, did you wear shoes for the ceremony? or did you just go barefoot? sorry for all the questions, just getting excited! Thanks again for your messgage and feedback. Congrats!!!
  3. I'm not sure, I have an email out to nayeli with a bunch of questions and that is one of them! I'll post any other details here when I get them. Does anyone know if you can rent a Mic, to do toasts, speeches, etc?
  4. Nayeli did mention every other monday they do a beach party thing. But thats all I know. I think the rehearsal is typically the night before, but I would think you can change that if you wanted to....
  5. Just a heads up for you girls getting married on Saturday, the resort has a Mexican Fiesta night with live entertainment on Friday nights, so that could be a fun option for a "welcome" dinner for you girls. I'm getting married on a Friday, so we may do that for our reception, or we may do a private one....haven't decided yet.
  6. Jewels, I am getting married at the end of June and still trying to decide where to have the reception. If you could send me pictures of the Giradia Square that would be awesome! Please send to saydi1014@yahoo.com Thank you! p.s. for those who are interested, I did ask if you can bring in an outside DJ and you can. I have found a couple who are cheaper from $700-$800, but you do have to pay $150 for a day pass.
  7. Girls, I've exchanged several emails with Nayeli over the past week and she has been super helpful! I feel like she is just really busy! Happy Planning! Saydi
  8. HI Girls, Did anyone hire a DJ for the reception? If so, who and did you like them? Thanks
  9. Sheen, Thank you so much for your post, it was soooo helpful!! I looked through some of the pictures you mentioned and they were so helpful! We are planning to have the ceremony on the beach as well. We will have 40-45 people so I was thinking the Pier may be too small for us. I do have a couple questions for you: What are you doing for music for your reception?? I want to do a DJ but it is $1,200 on the price list. Also, are you doing a Welcome / Rehearsal dinner?? Thanks again for your help. You must be getting excited! I'm from RI, I notice you are from NY, so you must be just as excited to see some warm sun as a I am....it's been one hell of a winter!!
  10. Sheen, Have you had any luck getting in touch with the WC? My wedding is in 2 months and I don't have any of the details planned. Do you already have the receptions deails, flowers, etc booked? Or are you waiting until you arrive at the resort? Just curious! Thanks!
  11. Aloile, THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing! I feel so much better knowing everything worked out for you. I love the pictures and all the info you sent me was very helpful!!! I really do appreciate it! Your pictures are beautiful! Thanks again!
  12. HI, Yes, I am having issues with WC. I sent her an email a week ago and still have not heard back from her. I sent a follow up email yesterday and still have heard nothing. My wedding is in 2 months and I really need some questions answered! It is getting a little frustrating!
  13. Does anyone have information on Reception options??? Has anyone done a semi-private reception at one of the restaurants?? Do they charge you for this?? Any advice on the best place for the ceremony?? Beach or Pier? If the beach, can you still wear heels? And how about the location for the cocktail hour??
  14. HI All, I am so happy to have found this thread! I am getting married in June at ERC. I am so excited but have nothing planned. I'm expecting around 40 people. If you have the pdf files with the flower / cake options etc could you please email them to me! My email is saydi1014@yahoo.com Thank you!
  15. Hi! I'm so happy to find other Royal Cancun brides. We just booked our wedding in June 2011! So i have lots to figure out soon! Has anyone gotten any information on the cocktail hour and what food is included? Also, are any of you doing a rehearsal / welcome dinner?
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