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  1. Sorry I didn't get her name...but I just posted that I don't think they had many officiants, so she shouldn't be hard to find.
  2. Unfortunately I didn't get her name, sorry. But I don't think there are many officiants so hopefully she is not too hard to track down.
  3. Hi, I just got married there two weeks ago. We had a female officiant and her english was perfect, like a native speaker...maybe you could request her?
  4. I just got married at Dreams Riviera Cancun on March 15....everything was perfect. We had DJ Edgar - both he and Ana were awesome! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at mgiri@shaw.ca !!!!
  5. I just heard from Ana yesterday that she has another DJ I can use - Edgar Cardoso with AVI. Has anyone heard anything about him? I leave next Saturday...yikes!
  6. DJ Doremixx was listed at $300 per hour as well...but my TA just spoke with the resort and they said Doremixx was charging $650 and the new DJ is only charging $500 - I'm so confused....I wonder what the resort will be charging us for the new DJ. Has anyone used him yet or heard anything about him?
  7. Is dj Molina the new resort dj or an outside vendor? Is dj mannia an approved dj? We were going to play some Indian music at our wedding nd had it worked out without doremixx what format we had to bring the music in....hope e new dj can accomodate.
  8. I just joined...it's great to read all the reviews from brides who have already been down there. I'm getting married March 15, 2011. Anyone else for March? Â
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