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  1. Regarding the ceremony music. I used one song for all of my wedding party and myself to walk down the aisle to. They have someone manning the ipod, so once you've walked down they slowly fade the music out. You can also do one song for you wedding party and another song for yourself. They will just have the first song fade out and when it's your turn begin your song. I hope that helps!
  2. I had my wedding at NOW Jade on August, 18th. For the most part everything went well and turned out beautifully! I'll post a full review later...but until then, here are some pictures! http://www.ap-imaging.com/blog/?p=1332
  3. Thanks for your review meg! How long was your reception? If it was four hours, did you have to pay for the extra hour?
  4. I plan on shipping some things ahead of time. Pilar told me that was fine to do, so I assume they have had others do it before. I hope it works out okay. I just have a five month baby I'll be bringing with me and with all the things I'll have to bring for him that would be too much to handle. My wedding is also in August, on the 18th. When is yours?
  5. Pilar told me today that it is $15 per person for every extra hour over 3 hours for your reception. She said they have to charge this for the Union and that it doesn't go to the hotel.
  6. Hi ChrisieAnn, I'm flying a photographer out there with me and I'm getting the Eternity package. I know that people have said that they don't allow substitutions for the package anymore, but I've noticed in the past they have let people substitute the photo package for the caribbean trio during their cocktail hour. I'm still going to try to see if I'm persistent in asking if they will allow me to do this. I'm having my reception from 7-11. I've read from past posts that there is an extra charge for every hour over three hours, but I am going to pay that because I am already spending a lot of money for the reception set up and I want it to be worth it. I noticed in the wedding book though that it says receptions can go as late as 11:30...so I'm not sure if you would have to get you times moved up in order to do that. O am also doing my cocktail hour at the blue beach bar, from reviews I've read of brides that have been there that is the best location. I have read that the orange lounge is in an odd and non private place. I had planned to do my cocktail hour there originally but then changed it.
  7. I don't think you can. I talked to Pilar about having my sparklers shipped to the resort a couple weeks before the wedding and she said that was okay.
  8. Someone posted a link to a virtual tour for now jade on Facebook. It really helped me get a sense of what the different places would look like in person. http://www.travimp.com/hotel.php?msg=cunmrm
  9. My wedding is August 18th. I don't mind the wind too much. Also I'm hoping that since August is off-season that the resort isn't too packed so there aren't too many people lingering around. I plan on getting good quality bug spray for the OOT bags...so I hope that takes care of the mosquito problem. I just feel like a wedding in Mexico should be outdoors. I hope everything works out. Luckily I have family and friends that enjoy the outdoors.
  10. SKing, Yeah, I haven't read or seen much of people doing their weddings on the beach. It made me a bit nervous, as if I was making a wrong choice or something. I plan on also having the dinner on the beach with the white sofa lounge chair set-up for the reception on the beach surrounding the dance floor. I just hope it will be fine and it will cool down a bit after the sunset and not be too windy.
  11. Has anyone had or plan on having a beach wedding and/or reception? I'm planning on doing everything on the beach in August, but I'd like some suggestions or information on how the weather is on the beach.
  12. I have been looking into it. I got some quotes from EW cancun. I asked Pilar if they have a specific decorator they go through and she gave me the information for Alquimia. I had asked for some pricing from them before Pilar referred me to them, but I am still waiting to here back from them.
  13. Hey Robin, Did the resort say that you could have your sparklers shipped to them for your wedding because this website http://www.sayanythingceramics.com/sparklers.php allows you to ship their sparklers outside the U.S. That's what I was hoping to do for my wedding but I hadn't talked to Pilar about it.
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