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  1. I leave Tuesday and my wedding is next Friday. SOOOO nervous. Any former brides do the buffet??? We are doing Buffet numero uno. We have total 48 people coming. Please pray for more sunshine than rain
  2. I'm going to assume Gara is no longer there because she was my WC initially and now I only he emails from Yessica. It's fine by me because Yessica is such a sweetheart and is very responsive to me. To the ladies who say she isn't - I thought the SAME thing at first. But as my wedding date gets closer the more timely her responses are. I guess you have to keep in mind they deal with tons of Inquiries daily and have to prioritize them in terms of wedding date maybe? And I actually did call the resort once - there is a number on the website... It is overseas so u have to have international calling (I had to use my dads phone, haha) and I asked to speak with a WC. I spoke with Carolina and she reassured me (there was confusion about my reception location). She even emailed me (at my request) confirmation of what we discussed. I plan on printing out all of my confirmation emails and bringing them In a binder wih me just in case.
  3. Welcome and happy planning to everyone! We are getting married in less than 4 months - I can't believe it! I had a question - for the veteren brides still subscribed to this thread - did you purchase a meal for your dj and photographer? Just working out my budget as the last of my RSVPs come in! We have 50 guests, plus our two children. Can't wait Hope to hear from someone soon.
  4. Check out plumeriasweddingflowerboutique.com and wedideas.com. There have been ONLY positive reviews About these shops' "real touch flowers." I also hated the idea of fake flowers but one look at either of these women's impeccable work changed my mind. I placed my order w plumeria last week. Personally, I got bouquets but I also know they do centerpieces!
  5. You're pictures just got me so pumped for my wedding I'm so glad you posted them. You look so pretty!
  6. thank you so much! Did you happen to ask her at all about Out of Town bags and delivering them to rooms?
  7. Grace! I'm so jealous you got to visit. I'm also getting married at the gazebo. I'm so glad you had a great experience. I can't wait to check out your pictures!
  8. That is good to know - we only have two kids (my own!) so far. I'm wondering what they will be charged for the reception (they will be 3 and 11 months). I'm assuming the 11month old will be free because I'll just probably pack his own food for the trip.
  9. We are definitely bringing our own - just something simple and inexpensive. My future MIL found these cylinder glass vases from the dollar store. We r going to submerge a flower, securing it with wire to rocks at the bottom of the vase, and add a floating candle!very inexpensive but looks so pretty! What were u thinking? We obviously won't put them together till we get there!
  10. Depends on what you like I will say I have read more positive reviews on the himitzu terrace. I had anxiety about where to have my reception too but then I just remembered that we will be in paradise and ANY spot will be beautiful, you know? Congrats on setting a wedding date!
  11. Anyone include an itinerary for the OOT bags? We are wanting to do a rehearsal dinner (just at one of the restaurants there so it's all inclusive - not the formal private one they offer) but how am I to know when to plan it? When did the WC contact everyone for a rehearsal?
  12. Thanks! Did any of you ladies see your groom before the wedding? Because of time and "sunlight restrictions" - haha - we may have to do this. However, my sister in law did that with her wedding in November and it was actually a very special moment captured by the photographer - they called it "the revealing" or something like that. They made her groom stand with his back turned and then she went and tapped him on the shoulder. His face as she turned around was my favorite picture! However - I'm not sure if I feel like having ALL my guests see me. What do you all think?
  13. Love the pictures! You are a beautiful bride! And now I'm all about getting a silly pic... As for Dillards,,,we don't have them around here...did you order online by any chance? Sometimes doing that can be a bit tricky with fit, etc. Just curious
  14. I'll check out old navy for sure!! And I'm soooo glad I'm not alone in my flying fears...I think I may need something prescription strength!!!
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