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  1. Jencakes we were so lucky to bring a friend of ours who is a photographer to the . We paid for his flight a d the photos were a wedding gift. On the veil I wore a long veil . It is windy but I love long veils. Make sure it's on tight. It's your wedding do what you want. :-) I'll try to post a pic of it. The photographer from the resort is also amazing. I would ask your wedding coordinator they really know what there doing over there.
  2. So I at times get emails from Best Destination Wedding. My husband and I were married there June 24th 2011. Having our wedding there was the most wonderful decision we ever made !!!! Dreams is just amazing, the property, location, and there people. When it comes to your wedding they are EXPERTS. What ever you request for your wedding they will make it possible, sashes, chairs , flowers, and reception. It was a bit hard to get a hold of your wedding planner before you got there, but once you get there it will be so easy. The only thing we had to worry about was being there. They took care of everything !!! Thank you Dreams for an amazing time !!!!
  3. Hey pixie! Im glad i met you too! We ended up fixing our own hair and we decided on the brides maids hair to go to the side. ........@clgriffi Thanks!
  4. Hey Girls! I just got back in to town today.. My wedding at Dreams was perfect! Everything fell in to place.. My wedding Coordinator was Monica. She did a wonderful job on our wedding. I didnt talk to her till i got to Dreams and she did everything i wanted .. The music was great food fabulous and I just in love with Dreams!
  5. congrats!!! Cant wait to see your pics! I have one more month to go... June 24th woot! woot!
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