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  1. Oh okay (that was me by the way) lol I just have REALLY horrible hair to work with so I didn't know how the hairdressers would be down there, I was hoping to have someone take one down with them b/c I'd be more then willing to pay them to do mine too (if they were looking to make more money while they were there that is). I have my appointment booked at the salon for a trail updo and also for the day of our wedding too (fingers crossed it all goes well!) Has anyone heard any reviews on Mayte's hair stylest? I saw on the sheet that she sent me a while back that you can book hair dressers and make up artests though her to go directly to your hotel and do it privetly in your own room.
  2. November brides, is anyone taking down a hair dresser or make up artest that they would be willing to share with other brides? And if so what are the dates that they would be down there for?
  3. I'm getting so excited! November will soon be around the corner (yippie!) I was just wondering if any other bride out there has or is considering doing a butterfly release at the end of their ceramony? I haven't heard back from Mayte in a long time, as she was going to be looking into the price to do this for me. Also I have just seen another bride blog about this, and I thought I'd share it with all of you (because I think it's such a neat idea) there are things called Sky Lanterns that you can purchise for a very reasonable price and they look amazing at night! www.theskylantern.com November brides, what's everyones status on planning? Can anyone share any neat/different ideas to incorperate into our ceramonies/receptions? Guest count is now up to 80!! GULP
  4. My finance and I went to chose our wedding bands a few months ago, and my finance has since decided to chose another style of ring. It has never been worn before, as we are getting married this November 2011 in Punta Cana. It is a Men's size 9 Titanium and Carbon Fiber Wedding band.
  5. I've been having troubles with changing the colour too! I've saved it as a jpg. file and tried to fiddle around with the 'colour options', but all I'm getting is different options for shading effects. I would love to be able to turn the heart a nice sage green colour. If there is anyone that could give us a tip that would be super!
  6. Which etsy seller did you get your tatoo's from?? that sounds like such a fun idea!!
  7. Thank you for the info Stacey, I really appreceate it! Your photos look great!! You all looked like you truly had the times of your lives! For some reason I had the impression that you were selling your original wedding dress, which would have been perfect b/c I'm looking for a TTD dress that looks simaler to mine, but unfortunatly the TTD that you have up for sale won't match Thank you anyway for responding to me so quickly. Good luck with the rest of your sales
  8. Hi Stacey, This is a bit of an off topic question, but where did you buy your earrings from? They just pollished off your dress very nicely!! Do you still have your bridal gown for sale as well?
  9. Mrs. Roses are Red I don't think the issue here is not giving The Wedding Holiday respect in anyway. I believe what the common denominator here in all of our posts is a lack of communication on the Wedding Holiday's behalf; we all understand that the wedding holiday is simply a travel agency and they must get in contact with the tour operators, but when brides are continually not 'kept in the loop' with vital information needed to continue with their planning process then that is when frustrations begin to arise. When phone calls and e-mails are not being answered week after week that to me is very poor service and red flags start to go off in my head. With regards to the staff changeover, of course we all understand that people come and go from their jobs, and I didn't mind giving the new staff at the wedding holiday over a month to get properly settled into their role in the company (I always put myself in other peoples shoes to be fair), but again a few red flags went off when I heard that they had lost all of their staff except for one. That to me tells me that something is/was going on behind the scenes that we don't know about, and it does raise some concerns. I personally don't think that blog pages are mostly negative like you had pointed out; when I have received good service I have no problems blogging about it to let other brides know of that service or company so that they are able to utilize it as well. I see that this was your first post to the website, so I think that in order to make such a bold statement as you did, you should really take the time to check out a few other threads to see that were not all bad/angry brides complaining about companies. I respect your opinion and am very glad that you did not fall victim of the wedding holiday, and I think that it's great that you let other brides know that you personally received good service from this company, so that they are able to make their own judgments for themselves. But all I ask is that you do not undermind all of us other brides who have unfortunately have fallen victim to extremely poor service and have spoken up about it to warn others out there to think twice and really look into the company you are about to plan the most important day of your life with.
  10. Hi Ladies, I've just came across this great thread and I was wondering if anyone knew where to get individual packs of gaterade from? (I am sorry if this was discussed in the thread already, but my eyes were started to get a bit buggy reading through the whole thing from start to finish, so I thought I'd just through it out there to see if anyone could help me please). Thank you
  11. Hi Sheri Yes that's absolutley what we did, I just did some research on the internet and took photos of the other things that we would like to have for our wedding, or flower arrangements we would like to have etc, and e-mailed them down to her. She has assured me that she will do her best to match all of our photos, and from reading the other girls posts on here Mayte does an excellent job. I have full confedence in her. I am also going to print out all of the photos I have sent her via e-mail and make up a timed itenery to take down with me just to be on the safe side for when we meet to do our pre-wedding run through a few days before our wedding. We are definatly going to have Mayte's D.J, (the way I look at it is in 2 ways: #1 Mayte has been doing this for many many years and she is a perfectionist from what I hear, so she wouldn't just pick anyone to D.J a wedding unless she knew they have the skills and ability to do so. and #2 her D.J is far more reasonably priced then the others that are running their own busness on the side) I am going to make up a play list for -dance music -dinner music -1st father/daughter dance etc., and put them onto an ipod just incase something goes wrong. But Mayte has just asked that I e-mail her the list of songs we would like to have on our wedding day and she'll take care of the rest. When are you getting married Sheri?
  12. We are 3 months away, and I feel as though I don't have enough time to get everything I would like to get done. *gulp* I'm in the midst of getting our OOT bags together and sourcing out the cheapest things to take down with us. Mayte has been great in the sense that she is arranging all decorations etc, however we have opted to do a 'photo booth' with our photographer (since we are taking two down with us) and we have found these really cute mustach's on sticks through etsy to take down with us. I'm excited about them! As time goes on my now 'wedding planning room' continues to fill up with things we are taking down with us (I just hope we are able to take down an extra sute case). lol
  13. Did you already end up selling these? I am very interested if you happen to still have them on your hands
  14. P.S Brooke, I have just seen your beautiful wedding video on the Jellyfish facebook page. You looked gorgeous, and your whole day looked perfect!
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