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  1. Thanks Futuremrstgun! I'm so excited to be part of the group and to see so many others who are as excited about Iberostar as I am! The 1 wedding a day is what sold me...hate the thought of sharing the spotlight lol!
  2. Total leap of faith! I spent countless hours, days, etc trying to decide on resorts based on reviews on here and many other sites. I finally picked IRHS and my fiance bokked as it was one of the priciest (he knows my tastes so SHOULD have known that I would pick quality lol!!!) I then gave him the task of trying to find one that was the same quality for less; he spent a few days and then sheepishly came back to IRHS (well, maybe not so sheepish but I like to think so HA!) So here we are!
  3. Very cool! I am excited to be part of the roll call for March 19, 2012 wahooo!!! 2011 Brides 6.30.2011 – mrsdeloatch2be – Suites 7.13.2011 – daisymable – Suites 9.9.2011 – Islandgirl910 – Suites 9.10.2011 – toiinlove – Grand 10.8.2011 – futuremrstgun – Beach 10.30.2012 – nolabride78 (Stacy & Raymond) 11.6.2011 – pmwoodard1978 (Paula & xx) – Beach 11.6.2011 - ErinDoc (Erin & Bryan) - Suites 11.11.2011 – mrsgreene2011 (Jeanine & Reuben) – Suites 11.14.2011 - Sn2bMrsMarshall (Eric & Sheena) - Beach 11.16.2011 – starrysim – Beach 12.6.2011 – Kimberli1211 (Kim & Coleman) – Suites 2012 Brides 1.9.2012 – daizyduke – Suites 1.18.2012 - RyGuysBride - Suites 2.2.2012 – shanas (Shana & Brian) – Beach 2.22.2012 - X-Tina - Suites 2.24.2012 – hayjk – Suites 2.26.2012 – bjcs21 – Suites 3.19.2012-Saskbride2012 (Kari&Sean) = Suites 4.18.2012 – cGd41812 – Suites 5.30.2012 – MoBayBride2B – Suites 6.22.2012 – dcrow55 – Suites 7.1.2012 – JADE28 (Charene & Kevin) – Suites 7.22.2012 – IslandBride201x (Kim & Eric) – Suites
  4. Hello Ladies! I am just pouring through all of the info here and there is SO much! I finally booked IRHS March 19, 2012 and I am super excited as that hard part is over with! Look forward to brain storming with all of you 2012 brides!!
  5. Hello! I just booked for March 2012 and I am in touch with the coordinators by email weddings.suites@iberostar.com.jm You will hear from Nicole or Tiffany and they are super busy gals but will get to you eventually. I researched the crap out of all of the resorts and this one came up shining so we chose to come here! Good luck! The choosing of the resort I think is the hardest part!!
  6. Hello Iberostar Ladies! I am so happy I have finally made my decision to get married at IRHS March 19, 2012...now comes the planning! I hope that is the easy breezy part after choosing a resort as that was stressful! Looking forward to chatting with other future and past brides! We are currently 37 confirmed and counting!
  7. Hi StephAli! I have been in Egypt for awhile and just got home and saw your AMAZING pix!!! Thank you so much for posting those. A wedding for $4500 sounds reasonable enough so I appreciate you posting that as well. Did your pay for your photographers trip down and then pay for pix on top of that? Just wondering how people are doing that as that could add a lot of extra cost!! It looked like a perfect day. And would you recommend the resort? Enough for people to do? Now that I am back from Egypt I need to overwhelm myself again and get this wedding planned as it will be less than a year from now...and a dress would be nice! Thanks again, look forward to hearing from you. My other email addy is crusherkc@yahoo.ca if that is easier too :-) CONGRATS again!
  8. Hi Breeze616, not sure if you are still active on here but I am also comparing those 2 hotels the closest and my head is spinning! I also want to know about the costs for the actual wedding itself as I have seen some crazy prices out there and don't want to get caught off guard. We will have 50+ guests at our wedding in January 2012 but we haven't confirmed the PLACE yet. I think I am down to Iberostar and Gran Bahia as RIU is not accessible from the hicks of Saskatoon apparently!?! We'd have to drive to Edmonton or Calgary at this point. Have you gotten much info? I have been reading on this forum for days it seems and I am not finding that info which is driving me mad lol! OH MAN I JUST SAW YOUR WEDDING DATE!!!!! 2 more days!!!! Okay, I hope to hear from you AFTER your perfect day and best of luck!!! Kari
  9. Hello ladies! I am looking at all of the different options for resorts but keep coming back to Iberostar and Gran Bahia yet my only concern is the cost for the actual wedding as we will likely have 50+ guests so I am not finding a lot of info on how much people actually pay...the travel packages will vary for sure. Any help or ideas you have would be sooooooo appreciated! I have been reading threads for 3 days and my eyes are going wonky lol! It is hard to keep track of what you have read ;-) I'm a newbie at this obviously so it has been occupying loads of my time :-) I just realized you can only send 2 PMs on here per day so here is my private email addy is crusherkc@yahoo.ca as I just as Just in case you don't want to put $$$ out there!!! PS: For Gran Bahia brides, how was the beach and did your guests have enough to do? We don't want to be stepping on our guests all week!! Thank you so much in advance!! Kari from Saskatoon, SK Canada :-)
  10. Hello Ladies! I am also contemplating Iberostar for January 2012 and my head is spinning as I try to sort this all out. I'd love to hear if anyone knows of costs involved if you have 50 or so guests for the actual wedding. I seriously have sore eyes from trying to read all the reviews and threads etc!!!
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