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    Officiant Requirements

    I would actually suggest: http://www.theamm.org/ It's pretty much the same thing basically, only they have better info and a more useful website.
  2. cathrynprice

    court house wedding question

    The courthouse is where you take care of the legal part of the wedding, ie have the judge or clerk complete the marriage license for you and your fiancee.
  3. cathrynprice

    No Kids!

    Haha! Just tell them, I'm sure they'll understand.
  4. Has any of you ever dealt with the Clark County Clerk's office? I want a a friend of mine to officiate my wedding, and it appears she would need to register with them as a minister. I don't know a lot about this so any info would help.
  5. cathrynprice

    Is it bad luck if...

    No. It just means the ring was a lemon.