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  1. we used Del Sol (Matt) for our TTD session and it was awesome. I highly recommend them
  2. for the oot bags: how are you getting all the stuff down there? do you bring it with you and fill them there or have you thought of shipping stuff down there?
  3. So I adore my ring, my hunny had it made and its everything and more I've ever wanted. Now choosing the wedding band is going to be tough and will probably have to be custom made as well. He wants me to have what I want but unfortunately I don't feel the same about his choice. He likes a black band for himself. It's not dark gray it's like an onyx black. I think it looks cool, but I just feel like it sends off the wrong message. Should I just agree and let him get whatever her wants? He thinks it's his style and is not a jewelry person in general.
  4. I'm getting married at azul beach but at azul villa carola thats on site on 10/29/11. I was thinking of doing a welcome cocktail party the night before the wedding instead of a rehersal dinner. I was thinking of doing it very informally like asking everyone to meet somewhere on the itinerary instead of paying to have another private party expense. Let me know your ideas as well. Thanks and looking forward to what you have to say. Lisa
  5. I'm totally confused by this thread heading. Is Azul Sensatori a resort? I heard there are a lot of azul beach brides on this site, any for the Azul Villa Carola? Would def like to chat it up and see what I should know considering I am already booked, my wedding is in 10months and I'm going strictly on the info from the website and wedding coordinator down there. Thanks Lisa
  6. I am using destinationweddings.com and I do like how organized it is and everyone can book on the website, it's just that the planner I got is a little airy and I've already had to tell her more than once to get her facts straight but the actual company is awesome. I would definitly suggest it, just speak up if you're not happy with the person they assign you. Lisa
  7. would love any and all feedback you have. I'm getting married there but at the azul villa carola thats attached to it on Oct 29th 2011
  8. I think you look amazingly beautiful in all the pics, dont be silly. I want Del Sol soooo bad, after seeing some of their work yesterday I sent them an email to inquire. Hope they have my date available
  9. thanks this was really helpful and your pics were so beautiful. It made me email DelSol immediately. Lisa
  10. I was just going to ask the same question. Or can anyone recomend a good DJ for the Riviera Maya area?
  11. This is a review of:

    Del Sol Photography

    We Love Del Sol

    Pros: beautiful pics, friendly stff
    Dan and I just got back from our honeymoon and awaiting us was an email that our pics were almost ready. Not only were we so thrilled that is was so fast (under 3 wks) but when we saw the pictures we were blown away. We only had a chance to do a trash the dress session with them because unfortunatley our hotel had a strict vendor policy and we would have had to pay an extra $800 just to have them set foot on the property. We did consider this, but then we discovered TTD. We went with another pho
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