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  1. im adding myself to the list hehe May 19 2011 YAY
  2. mchili5

    May 19th 2011

    Hello, We're getting married at the Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana on may 19th 2011, will be there the week of may14-21. Does anyone have pictures of the resort or of their wedding at this resort, would love to get some ideas thanks
  3. thanks ladies after trying on way too many dresses ... this is the one
  4. I booked way too early (march 2010) for my may 2011 wedding but the travel agent said it was a good price and a good idea to make sure the seats and hotel are available...needless to say the prices have gone down and my travel agent is no longer willing to make a price reduction as previously promised (apparently the airline does not do this...wish i knew this before we booked) but since your wedding is about 8 months away I would say wait till about jan or feb and if the prices seem good just go ahead with it to save yourself the headache and worry Ablj209 - who did you book with?
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