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  1. Hey Everyone, Those are nice but if you guys are looking for something a little more dressier for that day I really recommend you guys go on this web site PARTYFLOPS and see they're flip flops they have Bridal wedges with swarovsky, I bought some for my wedding, they are really nice and comfy. They even have personalized flips flops for your guests, perfect for beach weddings or to give them out so your guests can dance the night away LOL
  2. Hello to everyone, I see you guys are posting about flip flops for your guests, and if you guys are interested when i got married I found a company that makes personalized flip flops for events and I got some made for my guests, they're pretty awesome I really recommend them so if you guys are interested here is they're web site. And they manage the sizes by small, medium and large so you really don't have to worry about asking your guests their shoe size, you just order on what you think you´ll be needing. They also have flip flops for guys and kids. http://www.partyflops.com/english2/
  3. to have sandals at the party is lovely because you can dance all night
  4. My parents were out of town as well, so they found out a couple of days later because I wanted to tell them in person but yeah, we called everyone first and then facebook... my DH actually changed his status to "married" even though we were only engaged, imagine the reaction of the people! haha
  5. My friend used prisar eventos about 2 years ago, and she was really happy, and I remember her wedding was amazing.
  6. I got them for 5.95 women, not sure about men's though... plus shipping, they were really cute!
  7. I've been to a couple of weddings where they've done the flip flops and I loved them, so I ended up buying them for my wedding as well!!! People loved them, specially the ladies when their feet were sooo tired because of the high heels... mine were partyflops, not very expensive and I was able to personalize them!
  8. Also right by the beach in down town there's the malecon with lots of restaurants and bars and shops, it's really fun!
  9. December is a great month for PV, I went to a wedding on February and the weather was perfect, sunny all day but not too hot!
  10. The cruise around the bay is great! Also just walking right by the beach in down town there are a lot of restaurants, bars, shops that are all fun to look at or go in!
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