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  1. Is anyone freaking out the weather? 8 more sleeps and the weather according to the weather network is nothing but rain in Punta Cana for my entire wedding!!! Please someone make it stop
  2. Hi Tink, They normally only take a day or two, but they are constantly busy. The first time it took them about a week for me, but once they confirm your date, then they answer a little more quickly. My wedding is on Nov 14th now, and they answer my emails normally that night because it is soon. You don't have to plan everything way far out, so don't get discouraged if they don't get back to you right away, they are dealing with Brides who's wedding is on the horizon. Imagine, if these resorts do 3 weddings per day, on average, how many emails they get, they have to prioritize so that the brides arriving don't get stressed out so close to their wedding. This site has tons of helpful information, you can get almost everything you need done without contact the resort except to finalize detail til about 3 months out..... But, one thing to remember, if you can get them to confirm prices, or anything "extra" they may offer you, bring the email with you when you go down so you have proof of what they offered.
  3. We are getting married at the Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana and we are doing the restaurant dinner that is included in the wedding package. You don't need to go to the extra cost of a reception in many cases as it is semi-private and good enough for us. If you haven't chosen a resort yet, check the DR threads here, there's lots of helpful info from the brides on here
  4. Congrats and Welcome. Happy Planning!!
  5. Where ever you choose, set your budget before you start planning and stick to it. There are lots of DIY things you can do to save $$ and lots of ways to spend $$ too. So it's really important to keep a running tab and spend money on what you feel is important to you.
  6. Congrats and Welcome to the Forum....you'll love it here. So many friendly people and tons of information
  7. Welcome to the forum, you'll soon be addicted like the rest of us!
  8. Hi MrsMel, Did you do a destination wedding?
  9. First, congrats. 2nd, we did save the dates a year out, then invitations 6 months out.... With the save the dates, the wedding website was up and running and all the TA information was on it. Most people booked then, we only got a few stragglers with the invites. But because there are so many cool DIY options for invites, you'll get hooked and everyone will love them!
  10. Congrats and Happy Planning! This forum is full of helpful information
  11. DreamsCaboBride, Try emailing the wedding co-ordinator again, this time just ask the questions you need answers to, that way they can't thank you for information, they have to provide you information.
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