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  1. LauraB2B

    ROR Jamaica 2012 Brides

    Hi Girls! Our wedding is on April 30th and the wedding coordinator just made the first contact last week!
  2. LauraB2B

    Photography in Montego Bay

    Thanks for the suggestion! Are his prices reasonable?
  3. LauraB2B

    Photography in Montego Bay

    Thanks for the suggestion! Are his prices reasonable?
  4. LauraB2B

    Photography in Montego Bay

    Hi Everyone! I am stressing out about finding a photographer for our on April 30, 2012 that has a decent portfolio and is also affordable. Has anyone ever worked with or heard of Duane Wittaker? He has given me a great quote for a great package but i have not read any reviews on him so I am a little nervous! Your help would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. Beautiful Pics!!! Congratulations! We are getting married at ROR In April 2012...was everything just as you imagined?? Any advice??
  6. Sounds like all three of us will be arriving the same day! (April 25th)...small world!!
  7. So exciting JA143!! We will be there that week as well ....what day did you pick for your wedding? And yes time slots are starting to quickly book up...especially the later times always seem to go first! I believe dinner is always served at 6:30pm for wedding receptions. I had such a hard time deciding betweed the 3 and 5..I want enough time in between the ceremony and reception but not too much time!! (4 would have been perfect lol)
  8. Thanks for the reply! I'm glad everything worked out nicely for you! What did you think of all of the weddings throughout the day? Was there every any conflict in time or event with other weddings? I can't believe they fit four weddings a day at the Riu's!!
  9. LauraB2B

    April 2012 Bride

    meeshie77, we have also decided on April 30th 2012 at the Riu Ocho Rios!!!
  10. Congrats on the wedding!! and thanks so much for offering your help on any questions we may have! Is there anything that you wish you would have done differently or anything that you would change if you were to do it all over again? Also what time was your actual ceremony and did it work out well for you? We are having a hard time deciding what time to reserve!
  11. Im just noticing that you are from Ontario?? I am as well!!
  12. That is so funny!!! lol but we would have totally done the same thing!!! We only have the choice between 3pm and 5pm for the ceremony. I think we're going with the 3pm because 5pm would be cutting it pretty close with dinner being at 6pm!
  13. Congratulations Lua!! We are getting married at the Riu Ocho Rios next year at the end of April. The hardest decision so far in our planning has been Riu Negril or Riu Ocho Rios. We are very comfortable with our decision although reading this makes me second guess a little!!! I have a question...what did you think about the time you choose for your wedding? We are reserving our time this week and have decided to go with 3:00pm. Yours was at 2:00pm? After all said and done would you have picked a later or earlier time?
  14. LauraB2B

    April 2012 Bride

    Swojdwla, I LOVED punta cana when I went a couple years ago. Their beaches are so nice...My Fiance's cousin got married there about 2 years ago and it was beautiful but I guess they had a hard time when they came back with the marriage certificates from the dominican not being recognizable here or something...anyways I would not let this change your mind about the location, alot of things could have changed and there are alot of very happy couples that get married there!
  15. LauraB2B

    April 2012 Bride

    Congrats on picking a date! Did you reserve it directly with the resort before booking any travel packages? I would love to confirm my date but i'm afraid that if I reserve it with the resort then go to book with a travel agent and its way cheaper for the week after that i'm stuck with that date now. How is everyone else doing it?? Waiting until they have their all inclusive package booked then confirming the date with the resort?? Also, does anyone know what time slot is the best?? I was think 4:00pm but i'm wondering if the 5:00pm time is better... In terms of "save the dates" we decided that we will send out our actual invitations about 8 months prior along with all of the travel information, and then closer to the date we will send out little reminders with travel brochures. (I guess thats kind of backwards lol)