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  1. No i did not do a TTD but wish now that i did! 6 hours is plenty! We had him for 3 1/2 and then told him we were good and he could go, he got some amazing shots, i can't stop looking at my pictures!! I did my own hair and did my make up the same as i do everyday as i wanted to look the same. We never got anything notarized beacuse we leaglly got married here in Canada first to make it easier. The minister was OK, he actually fell asleep at the wedding before i got there! Haha It was short simple and sweet, and little more religious than i would have liked but it was fine.
  2. I think i did just the basic package with him, we got probably 400 or so pictures and they were all edited and sent back to the hotel in 3 days, he was really great! Definetly worth every penny! No i did not do OOT bags, we got shot glasses made and bought little bottles of booze and got cute bags to put them in for everyone as a thank you. I didn't bring anything for the wedding except my dress and rings and i was totally good with that, the dinner and ceremony both looked beautiful as they were
  3. I'm Back!!! It was AMAZING!!! I never brought anything for decorations but Chadlyn put some stuff up on the gazebo which was nice, i ordered my flowers from Jan's, they weren't exactly what i ordered but close enough and they missed giving me a boquet and gave us 4 extra boutineer's and didn't give me the wrist crosages for the mom's as i ordered also they never got delivered until 10 minutes after my wedding ceremony was supposed to start - So not sure if i would recommend them. The webcasting only worked for some people and the guy was supposed to give us a copy of it which he promised and never delivered. The photographer Merrick Cousley was AMAZING!!!!!!! I would recommend him highly! We had dinner at the Grill and it was soooo good! The resort is beautiful! I can't complain about anything, there were minor glitches i guess but i'm pretty easy going so nothing bothered me. As they say in Jamaica there are no problem's mon only small situations!! haha We went on some tours and through a few different people and the best was knowjamaica.com, i would suggest everyone to check them out and book with them, every other one we used only seemed to be interested in money and didn't ever seem like you paid enough and kept saying that we needed to tip big - Very annoying! So avoid and book with knowjamaica. Ask anything you ladies want!
  4. We leave in 9 days and i still haven't heard anything from the wedding planners at the resort, everytime i ask about the resturant they say they can't book anything until we get there!! Should i be worried??
  5. OMG Tris - You looked beautiful!!!! Such an amazing picture!! Congrats! I'm leaving in 2 weeks tomorrow and am somewhat stressed out because i haven't stressed about anything so far! Haha I am not bringing anything from home except my dress and rings, do they provide everything else? Also you made me stress less about the ceremony that was probably the only thing i was worried about that i don't want it to be religous at all so if he has stuff to say that's not that saves me from trying to find something!!
  6. Congrats!! You looked amazing and the wedding looked beautiful! Just one question, how windy is it down there? My hair will be down and i don't want it flying all over the place. Also after your ceremony did you have your chanpagne toast and cake cutting right after? Was there a DJ set up to play music as you walked down? I am going with the free package aswell and haven't really planned much and am not bringing much so i just want to make sure everything is covered! Thanks so much, and congrats again!!
  7. Absolutley when i get back i will do a review i know how much other brides have helped me! The Webcasting was $200, my sister is pregnant and won't be able to be there so i want her to be able to watch as it happens!
  8. Hi Everyone! I haven't been on in a while either and am leaving for Jamaica in 24 days!!! Our weding is in 4 weeks today! Can't wait!!! I see all the stuff everyone is doing and i'm not even close so i'm getting a little nervous! So far i have done Got my dress (still in for alterations) Got rings Paid for my flowers with Jan's Flowers Paid for the Photographer - Merrick Cousley Paid for the webstreaming Got wedding favors And that's about it, i think i'm just going down and hope everything will go smoothly as most brides say it does but can any of you ladies think of anything i HAVE to have done before i go? I'm not a good planner, thats why a destination wedding was the best way to go! Haha Any help and suggetions is appreciated!!
  9. Hi everyone! I haven't been on in a while so i apologize if this has already been talked about, but have you ladies found a seamstress in the city for a reasonable price? Thanks for your help!!
  10. I'm leaving at the End of May and haven't put a deposit down at all. I am going with the free package and ordering my own flowers and photographer, so not sure if i have to pay a deposit? I'm confused now, after seeing that picture of the wedding on the beach i may change my mind from the gazebo to the beach!
  11. When is your stay there? Have you paid a deposit for the wedding yet?
  12. So has anyone made there deposit for flowers (Jan's Flowers) or photographer (Merrick Cousley) yet? I am just wondering what is the best/easiest way to do it? Can i just go to a bank?
  13. I thought there was only one wedding per day? I am starting to see more and more brides say there is a wedding before or after them
  14. Hmm - I was under the impression you still got the champagne ceremony after the reception even though you are getting the free wedding? No? Also i know Beverly told me aswell i didn't have to make a deposit until 3 months prior what do you have to pay?
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