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  1. Yes sonyar I am starting to freak out, there are alot of things I want to do btu I am no good with all the comp. stuff so thats starting to freak me out!
  2. Hey Ladies, I am so excited exactly 3 months from today and I will married, So much left to do I am starting to stress hope everyones planning is going well!
  3. Hi could you please email me this is a fantastic idea! patti.10.04@hotmail.com thank you
  4. omg thats got to e stressful, where is she going and for how long? My wedding isn't until March 30/11. I'm sure everything will work out alright for you I suggest bringing everything you and Carolina have discussed so you can show Kenia! Well good Luck with everything it will be perfect!
  5. Your oot bags are fantastic! My question is where did you find the oh shit kit container i looked for them today and couldn't find them but they're perfect to hold all the little items? I hope you are still on this forum and if you aren't and someone else knows where I can find these I would really appreciate the info! Thanks
  6. sheila2011 Thanks Sheila2011 I have sent carolina an email asking her about the cert and she has not gotten back to me yet, I would really like to know so then I can pick the date for my ceremony at home, I really want to do it right before we go but if I need the cert. it will have to be sooner as you need to mail your license away to get cert. My date in DR is March 30,2011 exactly 4 months from today and I can't wait! I don't remember who else is getting married in January! I had a minor meltdown last night, I feel like there's so much to do but there's not really. I guess most of the planning happens down there! We figured out some of our music but still need to come up with vows. Does anyone know how long the "aisle" is for the beach gazebo? Are you guys having your FI and the groomsman walk down the aisle before you or will they just be up there? I need some other brides opinions! I also cannot believe I am stressed over something as simple as that!!!!
  7. Thanks for the help ladies! I have a few more questions if anyone can help I am getting legally married at home before we go do I need to show my marriage lisense or cert. for the renewal of vows? Has any past bride used the steaming service for their wedding dress and how it turned out? Also past brides who had their hair and makeup done at the spa were you happy with everything? Thanks so much ladies for the help I am stressing a little and I know I have nothing to worry about.
  8. I am March 30/11 Grand Palladium Bavaro and I can't wait to be Married!
  9. Hello ladies! congrats to you all on your upcoming weddings, I am getting married On March 30/11 I arrive on March 26/11I for 2 weeks my guests are only doing 1 week! I spoke with my TA as I have guests that need to book last minute due to their jobs she informed me that the GPB is booked solid for the firdt week so my guests will need to stay in another part of the resortand that is depending if there is seats on the left on the plane or they will need to arrive a dif. day, so my qustion to you all is what would be the best for my guest ex. what is closest to bavaro? if any one knows I don't want them to feel left out due to this. I am so happy I found this forum and look forward to discussing our DW's!
  10. Hello ladies I am new here, my Wedding is at the GPB on March 30/11 I can't wait I was just wondering if anyone has used the new gazebo? Looking ofrward to chatting with you all! I am also looking to find oot abgs to order any suggestions?
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