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  1. AmyG, Thank you, I loved my colors too..I had several people doubt me with my color choice until they actually saw it all together! I got the groomsmen attire all at Old Navy for about $60 for shirt, shoes, and pants!
  2. it is a small world! all from the big part of southeast missouri! haha, congrats on your wedding!
  3. My husband and I were married here on June 13...To all future brides, sit back and relax...don't get stressed out!! Your wedding will be beautiful...I plan to eventually write a full review, but here are some pictures until then...
  4. anyone that has previously been married, would you recommend real or fake flowers for the bridesmaids hair?
  5. ours is 6/13/11! We get there on the 8th so maybe I'll get to sneak a peek at yours! Where is your ceremony location? And how long will you be there?
  6. I think I am just doing the single flower for each of them too...I can't imagine spending $65 for them each!
  7. Thank you very much! Has anyone had or seen a reception on the beach??
  8. Did u happen to have the measurements of the canopy? And where did u do your reception?
  9. does anyone have pictures of the different reception locations besides the bamboo room? and has anyone had a civil wedding?
  10. Hello Now Jade Brides My fiance and I are also getting married here...our date is June 13, 2011 and we are expecting to have between 45-50ish guests! Our colors are pink and orange..we are using the beach for the wedding..blue bar for the cocktail and I am undecided now about the reception..I thought orginally I would want the beach, but now I am leaning more towards the bamboo room! Is anyone doing the civil wedding?
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