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  1. My daughter, Tia was married at this property in April 2012. It is a gorgeous property. If you have any questions I would be happy to help! Kindest Regards, Kelly
  2. Hi Ladies! Firstly, Congratulations on your Engagement and upcoming Weddings! I just wanted to drop by to let you know that I was married at the Iberostar Laguna Azul in May 2011 and I am also a Destination Wedding Specialist/Travel Agent. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have on weddings at this beautiful property! You can find me at kneonakis@travelonly.com or visit us on Facebook at Travelbug by TravelOnly. Even if you are already booked and just need some suggestions or information from a former bride's perspective I would be more than happy to assist. Happy Planning! Kelly Neonakis-Morash
  3. I do have lots of wedding pics. Just send me your email and I will forward them along. You can get me at kelly.neonakis@gmail.com
  4. Hi Ladies! Matanzas is the area in and surrounding Varadero town. There are lots of great places to go for wedding shots...Al Capone's place, Xanadu Mansion, etc. Regarding your photographer, Cuba HAS been cracking down on photographer's coming into Cuba to do photo sessions without applying for a work visa. We had ours turned around by the Cuban government upon arrival as she had been there 3 or 4 times already that year. If this is the only wedding that they are doing this year in Cuba they should have no issue as long as they do not bring a lot of equipment as this will definitely put them under scrutiny. There are several photographers ~ both Canadian and Cuban ~ who can advise you further on this matter. Just visit the Facebook page ~ Iberostar Laguna Azul brides. Renting a car is not difficult but be aware of the implications should you be involved in a car accident! It probably would be best to hire a car AND driver and then you he will take you wherever you like to go and you won't have to be concerned with the worry. Just remember to negotiate your price upfront and I'm sure you will have a wonderful experience! I was married at this resort last May and have been to Cuba over twelve times. If you have any questions/concerns, I would be happy to help. Kindest Regards, Kelly Neonakis-Morash
  5. Hi Michelle, We did have guests attend our wedding from another resort. We discussed this ahead of time with the wedding coordinator and paid for them (50cuc per guest per day) and she then advised the front desk that they were taken care of. They were allowed to stay as long as they liked and they attended the wedding, reception and dancing afterwards. You can pay for this on your final tally. As long as you've submitted the documents requested you are good to go. There is no deposit required by this resort. Happy Planning! Kelly Neonakis-Morash
  6. Firstly, Congratulations! You will love this resort! I was married there this past May and I am a travel agent, so that should put your mind to rest! If you are looking for pics and more info from brides planning their weddings at this resort, visit the facebook page ~ Iberostar Laguna Azul Brides ~ there are lots of stories, tips and pictures! All the Best! Kelly
  7. Hi Ladies! I am a recent bride of the Iberostar Laguna Azul (May 4, 2011) AND a travel consultant. I have sent quite a few weddings to this gorgeous resort and can honestly recommend it both for the beauty and incredible value. As a travel agent, I have access to all of the best resorts and after comparing, this one really did come out as a winner! I would be happy to assist with any of your plans or answer any questions that you may have. You can reach me at kneonakis@travelonly.com Congratulations on your upcoming nuptuals and Have Fun!! It really does go by so fast!
  8. Hello Ladies! At long last my review is finally up! If I've missed anything, please feel free to contact me with any questions! Enjoy your planning!! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/iberostar-laguna-azul-varadero-cuba/reviews/4606 Kelly62
  9. I gave my fiance, Reese, two tickets to the Formula One Races in Montreal this June. He actually cried! : ) Kelly62
  10. Hi Vera. Where are you departing Canada from? I will definitely get some rates for you. The good thing about both of those tour operators is that they will offer you a one-time price reduction...so even though your initial price could be $1390 for instance once you put in for the reduction (the price generally starts to drop around Christmas) you could end up around $1190 or so as I did. The issue this year is most definitely the fuel surcharge. The price of fuel is rising quickly and the cost of flying will increase accordingly. Also, because there have been several issues with Mexico this past year, more people are looking at Cuba and of course increased demand can also make the cost rise. I would be more than happy to offer you the best rates possible. Just let me know your departure gate (s) and I will request rates and advise. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You have picked a wonderful resort...I am getting married there on May 4th...and if a travel agent is choosing it you can trust that you are on to something! Kelly
  11. Hi there! Just wondering who you've gone to for your quotes? I am a travel agent AND a future bride at IBL....getting married in May 2011. Our group rates ex Halifax came in at around $1197. It is difficult to quote a year ahead however as the fuel surcharge can definitely bring your rates up higher. Most tour companies (i.e. Sunwing, Nolitours) offer a one-time price reduction as well, wherein you have one chance when you see the price moving down to lock in to the reduced price. Check with your travel agent to see if they have offered you that option. If you have any questions feel free to contact me! kelly.neonakis@gmail.com : )
  12. Congratulations SandrA & Greg! Have an absolutely perfect day! Let us know how you fared after your return....wishing you the wedding of your dreams! Kelly62 (Kelly & Reese)
  13. Hi Emnicole! I was thinking of bringing down some chair sashes ~ my colours are aqua and ivory ~ but I think I will ask Yahimara first as I seem to remember seeing some in pictures from previous weddings. I will probably bring down some table decorations for the reception..i.e. candles, seashells, etc..but I am worried about the weight in my luggage! Like you I worry about what they have available...I am probably going to do my own flowers and bring them down because I'm not too fussy on the ones I've seen from the resort. I am bringing down hand fans/bubbles for the guests at the wedding...and we are doing a sand ceremony as well as the regular ceremony. I hate to admit it but I'm starting to stress...haha! You can email me if you like at kelly.neonakis@gmail.com Congratulations and see you on the beach!! Kelly
  14. Wow...there are now three of us getting married on May 4, 2011! We'll have to all get together for a group pic! Congratulations and See you there!! Kelly
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