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  1. Can someone help with the thread for the spanish phrase book? When I click on the above links I keep coming back to the home page and no specific thread. Thanks so much for your help!
  2. Hello! I am looking for a button-maker machine for a project for my destination wedding in May 2011. Please contact me if you have one for sale. Thank you! Molly
  3. Where did people get their mini suduko games and the mini spanish for dummies, and mixed drinks for dummies books? If people don't mind sharing, how much was the cost? Thanks!
  4. What an awesome idea! Do you mind sharing the dimensions of your wallet? I'm looking at vinyl holders and don't know what size to get to make sure they fit a key card. I'm also considering making something similar but with one side (clear vinyl badge holders) versus the wallet. I didn't know if that may save some work on making the eyelet holes and snaps on the inside...but I like yours more!
  5. Does anyone know if the resort lets guest meet up in a lobby? We're trying to figure out what to do the night before the ceremony in lieu of a rehearsal dinner. We had considered the catamaran (even paid a deposit), but the size of our group went from 40 to now over 50 people and the catamaran is out of our budget now. Can they section off a part of the lobby/bar/pool area for us to meet and have drinks? Or will they charge us a fee to reserve the area (we're already reserving the beach for our party after the wedding dinner). Any other budget friendly suggestions???? Thanks!
  6. I love the pictures with the arch, but I agree, $240 seems quite spendy for a 20 minute ceremony. I was considering two options: 1) I bought green garland with big white flowers on it- I was thinking about using a few of those to create a big circle for my fiance, me and the minister to stand in the middle of.... I just don't know if that'll look tacky! 2)Once we're down at the resort I was going to ask Maria if we can do without some of the items in our wedding package and swap it out with the arch (we don't really need bathrobes, fruit basket, champagne, etc. in our room the day of the ceremony).
  7. Hello! I'm getting married May 2011. I'm trying to figure out some sort of event or gathering the night before the wedding, kind of a "welcoming gathering" in lieu of the rehearsal dinner. Any suggestions? We're already renting the beach for cocktails and dancing with a dj the next night for our wedding. We're considering renting a catamaran, but it might be out of our budget with 50 guests. Are there any local, fun restaurants within walking distance? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
  8. ColoradoBride11- Great idea of adding tequila shots in the bags! The cost for liquor is $10 per person per hour, so I assume that pays for the extra bartenders. We're also going to hire a dj for $50/hour. Originally we were just going to use our i-pod, but Maria said it'd be $30 per hour to rent the speakers. For $20 extra we figured we'd use the dj. Also - I was concerned that we'd have to rent or provide lighting on the beach, but she said that they provide that. Hope this helps!
  9. What are you thinking of putting in the welcome bags? On the day that we arrive we plan on going into the market to buy some festive trinkets, but I also want to add items like advil/aloe... but I'm trying to figure how much to bring down versus just buy in Mexico.
  10. Thanks for the info. I think we're going to do the beach party after dinner as well. I contacted Maria and she said that the $550 fee would include the beach, tables and chairs. Was that the same for you? She said that decorations would be provided by us, so I'm trying to figure out what do do for that. Do you know if we need to provide lighting (candles/lanterns) or is there enough light from other sources? We're still debating if we'll get a dj or just have our own i-pod mix. Thanks again for the info!
  11. I have an ivory dress and my fiance and groomsmen are going to wear white shirts, sleeves rolled up, and khakis. I'm considering ivory/champagne or neutral colored dresses for my bridesmaids with yellow bouquet with peacock feathers. Has anyone considered a similar color combination (white/neutrals) for everyone? I want it to look natural and classy, but I don't know if we'll pull off the look. Does anyone of photos of the similar wedding color combo?? Thanks!
  12. Hello!! My fiance and I are getting married at Sandos Playacar at Riviera Maya in May 2011... however, I hate to admit it, but I've been slacking on the details until now! I'm still waiting on our final head count before we can finalize plans for our reception site. We have requested a beach ceremony, but is there any way of securing a specific beach location (if there is one?) for the ceremony? I'm creating welcome bags for guests and would like to provide some basic information as to where to be for the ceremony and reception, but I don't know if I can get that information before we're in Mexico, or if we have to wait until we're down there to meet with the WC. Any insight on this? Also, has anyone used the resort videographer or photographer? Both seem so expensive for the short video and/or limited pictures. Does anyone have other recommendations for videographer or photographer in that area? Has anyone done the private beach reception? Was the extra cost to rent the beach, in addition to the $50 cost for food worth it? Is it possible to rent the beach for cocktails?? Has anyone tried renting a local restaurant out or is that just as pricey? Otherwise we were thinking of sticking with the Italian buffet (but some of our guests are staying for a week so we're worried that they'll be sick of the buffet food by the day of our wedding and will be disappointed that we're not doing something extra the night of our wedding). Has anyone rented a chartered boat excursion for 30+? I never realized planning a destination wedding would take so much work! We're also having a party back in the States (for both sides of our parents and family members) when we return-- it's funny, we originally planned a destination wedding to keep everything low key, but now we're try to plan two celebrations on a budget. Uffda!!! Thanks in advance for whatever feedback available. I've enjoyed gaining valuable info already through these threads. I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences after this May!! Thanks again! Molly
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