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    Octavio Montes photography?

    He loves inspiration pics, because in this way he can see better what are our kind of pictures; I sent him some pictures that I saw in his website, and....he printed it and he came to the couples sessions after the wedding with the pictures printed so we coud have all the things we wished! I sent him one ceremony guide too, so he could see what to expect and what were the most important moments for us during the ceremony. And told him exactly what to expect: in our case: romantic photos, happy moments photos (like running on the beach) and some funny photos (like jumping near the water). He is really nice And have nice ideas too...we took a picture with mexican hats that is really funny! Send me one p.m. with your e-mail and I'll send you some photos (tomorrow, because i don't have it here with me)

    Octavio Montes photography?

    Hello! We had our wedding last May 5th on Catalonia Royal Tulum…I can't say well enough about Octavio Montes! Our photos look amazing! I sent him my ideas about what kind of photos I wanted and he did it exactly like I imagined! No, he did it better! He captured all the “big†moments and details and the couple photos were just like we wanted...besides, he is really funny, gentle…we were so happy during the photo session! And when we saw the photos…my husband was always saying “Wowww I look good in all the photos!†Very professional!!! Very happy with him :-)
  3. Hello! We had Octavio Montes for our religious wedding ceremony on May 5th 2011...and we are really happy with him, his work, the photos, the price...everything!!! He was so gentle and funny and talented that the photos became really easy to take...It was a big plus for our wedding!!! He even bring "sombreros" to make more casual photos! And we have all (all) the photos taken in one high quality dvd so we can print at home and send it to friends We are really happy with our chose!!! You can see his work and contacts here: http://www.octaviomontes.com/ And of course feel free to send me one p.m. with your e-mail so I can send it some photos

    Cinco de mayo 2011 :)

    The best day of my life. everything was perfect! The weather! Tha catalonia royal tulum! The photographer! (Octavio Montes) Everything!
  5. hello! I've been reading almost millions (lol) of reviews and everybody (100% of the reviews until now) says that CRT is the most calm and no-party resort...it's the first time that I read that there is one party athmosphere Welll, maybe it's not so calm like we were expected... :) Even knowing is not for my hotel, great review

    Cinco de mayo 2011 :)

    Thank you all! Dress....done! Flip flops...done! Yuhuuuuuuuuuuuu

    May 2011 Brides!

    BTW Alda (Missframboesa) - Catalonia Royal Tulum, Mexico, May 5th - leaves May 2nd...in 27 days!
  8. ...and I'm still looking for my dress!!!! (OMG)

    Cinco de mayo 2011 :)

    Thank you so much! I must buy my dress next Sunday....(crossing fingers!!!)

    Cinco de mayo 2011 :)

    hello I'm Alda, from Portugal, and we'll celebrate our religious ceremony on Catalonia Royal Tulum- May 5th 2011-just the two of us! It's my dream since I was a little child We decided to do it on 2012...but more or less 10 days ago we decided to do it right now! In 10 days I have the place, the minister, the photographer. I don't have the dress yet Happy planing all
  11. Hello! Cheers from Portugal May 5th - Catalonia Royal Tulum Religious ceremony (my dream since...always!) Decided a week + - ago! Booked few days ago! Have a nice day!
  12. hello! From one moment to another my vow renew "travelled" from may 2012 to..may 2011! Wait!Wait! I know its one vow renewall, but for us is our first wedding for real, because we never had the "ceremony thing" before We are deciding where to do our ceremony (we are waiting for it for 10 years!) and we are almost chosing Catalonia Playa Maroma Could you please email me one photo from the ceremony (I can't see the ones posted here)and please tell me what are the prices (+ - ) for photo service. Thank you very, very much...and...congratulations! missframboesa@gmail.com
  13. In mexico they don't celebrate cinco de mayo...there people who dont even know what it is...It's only for tourists and for USA...BTW...I'm going renew my vows on 5 de Mayo
  14. Thank you so much!!! I was wondering what was the wedding band for so long!lol
  15. hello! maybe I'm just dumb...but...what is a wedding band? Here we have a engagement ring (much more simple than all the rings showed here) and the wedding ring (which is a gold simple ring, no stones, no diamonds, nothing) Examples: 1-engagment (like mine) 2-wedding ring Thank you for help