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  1. If you can have the wedding local with no regrets,then do it locally...My mom had said similar things to me but I know I will regret it if I can't get married on a tropical island. I just picture it being the perfect moment even if it was just us. I know it hurts and bothers you more because it comes from your mother(b/c it hurt me) but it comes with the destination wedding,Not everyone can come and that's ok....It's OUR day!
  2. I'm confused about the photogrpher situation.My photographer HDC told me we were ok since we booked him for our April 2012 wedding prior to this change..He said that Dreams had requested a list from him of the brides that were already booked with him.I haven't received an email from WC.I just emailed her now.
  3. my photographer said it was going forward from tomorrow no more outside photographers.whew
  4. For every ^ rooms you book,one is free...only up to 3 free rooms they allow per group
  5. I had always had wanted a wedding near the beach somewhere tropical.My mom was not all for our destination wedding because she felt tht people would be spending alot of money just to come to our wedding.She's now come @ a little since I booked it and told her basically it's what we wanted and waaay cheaper(we are paying ourselves too).As for family members,I already have in my mind that not everyone will be able to come but I'll still have things the way I want.In the end I think that's what matters
  6. My fiance' and i live together already in a house and pretty much have everything.I think you should def still have a shower,it's always nice to get new stuff.You could always put the stuff away and break it out at later date.I've never been to a money shower.Maybe give people the option,
  7. Mandys...ys plese let us know.I'm getting married at Dreams next April as well...April 27th.Would def. appreciate the feedback
  8. Thanks.I'm going to look into AA.So, are your guests booking n their own?If so do you still get the 6th room free that way?
  9. Not sure what we are gong to do.The hotel offers the groom a free room the night before wedding based on availability.I like the idea of not staying the night before together.We've lived togther for almost 3 years now though so I don't know how good of a sleep I'd get with him not there.I'll have to think more about this and talk to him about it.
  10. We included on our wedding website on the postcards & magnets.On our website we made a little section as to" why we chose paradise for our wedding"?We just explained that we had always wanted to get married on the beach with the tropical setting as our background.We also mentioned that this choice is more afforfdable for us to have the wedding of our dreams and we respect and understand if guets can't make it...
  11. We did vista print too.We got the 100 postcards for free as well as 25 small magnets for free.Oh and we got 140 adress labels for free too!Love vista print!
  12. I experienced the same problem.My own mother wasspend the money to come to our wedding. and still is a little negative over the whole destination wedding idea.She expressed the same concerns to me that:" how can I put that on peope to spend all that money to see me get married".I just keep pep talking myself that this is what we want.We want to get married some where tropical near the beach and have it as simpe as possible.Plus we are paying for it(def cheaper to have destination wedding i think). I was wondering the same thing if I should extend the save the dates to people I would of i
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