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  1. We booked through Fox World Travel in Milwaukee, WI and our charter flight is leaving O'Hare and is Frontier airlines. Our travel agent set everything up and when I asked her how much additional baggage is she said the first checked bag is free, the second is $20 and then sent me a list with other optional services.
  2. Our airline is only charging $20 for an extra checked bag and everything should fit because the FI is only bringing a carry-on because he has to leave the day after the wedding and we only have to bring 12 bags, I have to weigh everything though lol. The box next to the dictionary is a deck of playing cards. I meant to make a list of everything that the OOT bag contains... Bag that we bough from Dollar Tree ($1) and hand painted so they weren't so plain Two pairs of sunglasses found on Amazon Lint roller- $1 from Target Deck of cards from the local casino (free!) Note pad that says, "Life is good at the beach"- $1 from Target Matching pen- 2 for $1 Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer in tropical "flavors"- $1 each Plastic holder for sanitizer -$1.50 Personalized mugs with our wedding date and names Spanish/English dictionary that my MOH personalized- $1 from Target Pack of gum Plastic hang over "kit" that's actually a box that snaps shut and we made clear labels for them. Inside the kits we are including: tums, B-12 packets, sunscreen, Alka-Seltzer, Immodium, Band-Aids, Advil, Aloe Vera and Diet Snapple and Hawaiian Punch singles to go. The assorted Nabisco snacks The two robes are for the MOH and my other bridesmaid and they are going to be a surprise when they open their bags.
  3. After two years of endless planing, we are just two weeks away! I hope that by posting these pictures it will help someone else as much as it helped us. If you have any questions, please let me know and I will try and get back to you quickly.
  4. Does anyone have the price list for the spa? I can't seem to find it online and I wanted to get a look at the prices since the FI and I are thinking of paying for some spa services for our bridal party.
  5. Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that Target does have them (at least here in the Milwaukee area) in the dollar section and they are paperback with purple covers. I bought mine about a month ago but I had to go to six different Target's in order to get enough. Good Luck!
  6. Does anyone have the menu choices available for DRC? I looked through this forum and I didn't see any posts for it. My FI and I are debating between this resort and one other and we want to see want the menu choices look like for dinner, the floral packages, etc. If you could PM me or email me at alybarter@gmail.com I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
  7. Does anyone have the booklet for this resort with the different packages available? My FI and I are debating between this and one other resort and it's basically going to come to what each resort offers for the different types of packages. If you could please email me at alybarter@gmail.com or PM me that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Aliole, thanks so much for posting those pdf files. My FI and I decided this week that the ERC is going to be the site for our wedding next November and seeing all the options and knowing that the WC is good really puts me at ease that we made the right choice. Thanks again!
  9. alyb000

    2012 Bride

    Congrats! We are planning for November 6, 2012 it seems so far away but time will fly! I started using this website two days after we got engaged along with tripadvisor. Good luck with everything.
  10. These are all really good ideas and I would've never thought about showing her stuff via webcam. My MOH is actually in the Peace Corps so I think I will also try emailing her pictures also.
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